Thursday, August 27, 2009

Honey, Honey

This is a shout out to my mom that is long overdue! Thank you mom for being the best grandmother in the world!...Thank you for always wanting to see Kinley all the time....thank you for walking with us everyday and mostly always coming over to our house to walk in our park....thank you for practically having a day care at your house so that Kinley always has something to play with....thank you for playing with Jackson more than you ever have because Kinley loves dogs....thank you for singing songs to her that you always sang to me....thank you for loving her like I love her...thank you for holding her for hours in your arms while she naps just so she won't wake up...thank you for laughing at her like she is the funniest thing in the world...thank you for missing her if you haven't seen her in a day or so...thank you for just being there for her all the time, like you always are for me. I KNOW Kinley loves her Honey so, so much!!

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Kendall Nicole said...

Lindsay, I love this post about your mom! I'm sure she is having a blast! I have had such a fun time watching my mom be a grandma - she just loves Kendall to pieces and misses her so much when she doesn't see her. So sweet!