Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More March

Mendy, Alex, Lindsey, Stacee and I watch all the Bachelor series shows together on Monday nights.
We bought a case of Bachelor wine for the season and busted out our prom dresses for the finale.
I really did wear this flamingo pink (complete with feathers) dress to prom with Ben when I was 17.
A true gem.
I will never get rid of it.

At the end of Spring Break we had our first lakehouse weekend of the year.
We celebrated St Patricks day with green clothes, green decorations and green beer.
We fished, paddleboarded, even got in the water a little and watched church in the sun on the dock on Sunday.
It was perfect.
We decided to start potty training Dylan over Spring break so he is naked in a lot of the pictures.
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Notice anything funny in Uncle Alex's hair?
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Censored potty training....
Love these four so much.

Proud potty training boy modeling his big boy undies.
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The boys had wacky day at school in March and they rocked it with their wacky outfits.

Dylan thinks he is SO big and can do anything Kinley and Ty do. Especially now that he uses the potty. Prime example....Obstacle Warrior Kids.
We went for Mavericks Bday and this kid was a climbing, sliding, hanging fool, just like the big kids.
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And just because it's amazing...look at Maverick's Lego Ninjago birthday cake that Mendy did.
Untitled Untitled

Since Kinley and Sandy missed our Magnolia trip in February, we decided to have another Howe girls day in Dallas. We got mani/pedis and went to see Beauty and the Beast at Alamo Draft House. It was so fun!

On our way home from Dallas, we went straight over to Lois' house to a "Gallery Show" that she was hosting for Inie to display and give away a lot of her artwork that she moved from her house but didn't want to hang in her new apartment here.
There were countless paintings to choose from.
She is truly so, so talented.
Kinley picked a couple and posed with the artist.

I picked out two cactus flower paintings. One Inie painted and another that her mother, Grand Jo, painted as well as a potted flower painting that Inie used a water and oil ombre effect on.
It has always been one of my favorite paintings of hers.
All three paintings are bright and vibrant and beautifully framed and hang above my piano in my living room now.

Inie also had some other stuff set up in the garage for the taking as well.
Lots of kitchen stuff, some old jewelry, bags etc. I picked a few vintage jewelry pieces and bags and Kinley picked some stuff also.
I even wore some new (old) earrings I got from Inie to a charity event for Our Fathers Children that night and have carried this nude clutch everyday since.
Love date nights with my man.

On the note of charity events, we visited a Compassion International experience at Gateway church in March with some of our community group. We took our kids and they got to go through the tour and experience what it would be like for a child in a foreign country that might need sponsorship by Compassion. It was definitely eye-opening for them and prompted lots of questions and great conversation. We intended on going to adopt a Compassion child and chose Enock from Africa who is about a month older than Ty. Here are a couple pictures from our Compassion experience visit.
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