Friday, March 10, 2017

2nd Grade Spring Field Trip & OCT FunRun

Kinley's spring field trip was to the Dallas World Aquarium.
No matter what other responsibilities I have going on, I never want to miss a field trip with my kids.
I love going and seeing all the kids interact in their environment with their peers.
And right now, they are still so excited for me to go as a chaperone.
I know that will not always be the case, so I am taking it while I can!

Kinley's spring field trip was to the Dallas World Aquarium.
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Best teacher ever, Ms. Archer.
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Multiple people texted me this picture in the shark aquarium.
Aparently everyone but Kinley was unphased by the sharks.

The field trip ended at what are some moms to do in Dallas with a free afternoon on a field trip day?
Katy Trail Ice House to the rescue.
The weather was perfect and we ate fried food, had a nice beverage and lived it up like we were on borrowed time.
Turns out school field trips aren't just fun for the kids.
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Also in March, right before Spring Break, is the Boosterthon Fun Run.
This is the school's main fundraiser for the year and each kid gets sponsored for laps they run by their family and friends. Kinley ran way over the 35 laps that was the max and it was fun to cheer her on!
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Ryder and Dylan flying Ms. Archer's class flag Untitled

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