Saturday, November 19, 2016

Kinley - Fall Activities - MP Cheer & Girl Scouts

Kinley did MP Cheer for the first time this fall through the school district pee-wee league and cheered for the football games on Saturdays.
This was my kind of activity...very laid back.
We went to what we could and didn't stress about when we had to miss.
She had a sweet squad with many people from her school but really only one or two friends she knew.
That was a little disappointing but she ended up having a great time and made some new friends along the way. She was very excited about this activity before the season started, I think not being on the squad she hoped for contributed some to her lack of excitement by the end of the season, but really, I think she just wasn't that interested in the two hour games.

We had a few practices out at Compass Fields and at friends houses to learn our cheers.
MP cheer
There was a pep rally to start the season with all the squads that we all went to watch.
MP cheer MP cheer MP cheer MP cheer MP cheer MP cheer MP cheer
Grandparent points for going to this!
MP cheer MP cheer

She finished out the season and looked super cute doing it and in the end got the biggest trophy we've ever had.
Untitled Untitled IMG_0430 IMG_0434 IMG_0438
Halftime dance performance
IMG_0440 Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Kinley is still LOVING her Brownies troop.
These are the sweetest girls and mommas around and they get to do some of the most fun local events and activities.
They visited a police station and I hated to miss this one.
I heard all about the questions the girls were asking the police man who gave them the tour of the jail. Apparently there was a white board with all the inmates names and why they were being incarcerated, which led to lots of questions (aka...what is "drug paraphernalia" ahhhhh!!!) and two moms texted me dying laughing at Kinley's inquisitive nature with her questions like "Do they get an ipad in their jail cell?" "Do they get to call their mom and dad?" I am not sure what to think about these questions.
But, I did know this visit must have inspired her because she decided to be a police officer for Halloween this year.
This is their "angry" face with the police who gave them a tour.
Another brownie meeting group pic
I just LOVE that mom kept most of my girl scout stuff too.
We had a blast from the past bunco theme one night and I wore my old troop shirt and brownie sash too.
September 2016
I told Kinley her Girl Scout memories will last a lifetime :)

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