Monday, January 25, 2016

Girl Scout Cookie Season

Well, January was home to our first Girl Scout cookie season. 
 We started out with what are called "Zoo Cookies." 
 Moms can go starting at 10am one Friday in January to the Ft Worth Zoo and wait in a massive line and get an allotted amount of cookies for your Girl Scout.
  January January 
You bring home 144 boxes of "Zoo Cookies."
 When Kinley got home and saw these, she was SO excited.

We loaded some in the wagon and right away she wanted to walk to Alex and Mendy's to sell some cookies. 
 We offered multiple times to drive her over with all the cookies and she refused. 
 She was adamant about walking and pulling the wagon the entire way. 
And she did it! 
  January January 
Her first cookie sale.
January January January 

 You have 2 weeks to sell as many Zoo Cookies as you can and then you turn in the money for the cookies you sold and any boxes you didn't sell. 
 Kinley's sold really easy and barely had to return any. 
 We spent one day walking the neighborhood with Jaymes and split the sale of all cookies we sold. It was so fun to do with a friend. 
We also made some cookie deliveries to friends and family who ordered some through text or instagram, etc. 

In addition to Zoo Cookie selling, our troop works 4 cookie booths. 
 Each girl has a 45 minute shift with 1 or 2 other girls at every booth. 
 The total number of cookies sold at each booth is divided among the number of girls that worked that booth.
Four booths was just the right number and it was so fun to spend time with different girls and moms of the troop during those booths.
The Nordells came to a booth one day to let the girls each buy a box from the cookie booth.
Boss took Kinley to this cookie booth.  Ben and I were out of town and it was a cold morning! Thankfully she and Savannah had warm jackets and hot chocolate.Untitled Untitled 
Ben took Kinley to this cookie booth.  Christy took this pic for me of Julia, Kinley and Jaymes.
January 2016 
Overall she ended up selling around 150 boxes. 
 It was really so much easier and so much more fun than I thought! 
 It was a great first Cookie Season!

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