Monday, January 11, 2016


Kinley and AG had a sleepover the last night of Christmas break. 
 They played and crafted and movie watched. 
 It was so fun.
   #eatitorwearit #eatitorwearit #eatitorwearit 
About a week later, AG called Kinley with an idea. 
She had been watching KidsTube and had discovered the #eatitorwearitchallenge. 
 She wanted Kinley to watch some videos of it and let her know if she wanted to do one too. 
 It took about 1 minute into the first video for Kinley to jump on board. It looked like so much fun to her.  

Basically, the premise of the challenge is this: A mom sets up about 20 misc food items and numbers them 1-20. 
 You draw a number from a hat and you can either EAT a large spoonful of that said item OR WEAR the entirety of that item on your head. 
 We followed a little different rules that we saw on another video. 

 In our challenge, IF you chose to EAT your item, you could pour the rest of the item on the OTHER person's head. 
 Basically just a way to get completely nasty head to toe. 
 I was so nervous for this. 
 I had no idea if Kinley would really enjoy it as much as she thought she would. 
 But, I really think it was what she dreamed of and more. 

 We did the challenge at Leslie's house. We decided to do it indoors because it was super cold outside. 
 We put down a trash sac to catch the nasty. 
 Her set up and choice of items was awesome. 
This is the girls clothes we could THROW AWAY and all smiles. 
They insisted on videoing the whole thing. We aren't going to post it on YouTube or anything but, they can watch it themselves if they want to. 
#eatitorwearit #eatitorwearit #eatitorwearit 
A few action shots. 
#eatitorwearit #eatitorwearit #eatitorwearit 
All 4 little brothers were present, watching and laughing! 
#eatitorwearit #eatitorwearit 
 About mid-way through the challenge.  They were shivering they were so cold.  SO glad we didn't do it outside.
 After shots...Kinley said "How do you like my new look?" 
#eatitorwearit #eatitorwearit #eatitorwearit 

AG said the apple cider vinegar was the worst smell and the syrup tasted best. 
 The syrup poured on Kinley was pretty epic and she liked eating pudding best. 
 They both said the sour cream and tartar sauce looked like bird poop. 

 And they are so used to watching these on YouTube that they said "Thanks for watching us, just click to subscribe at the bottom of the video and leave a comment" 

 What???? Who are they? 

 The clean up....what we didn't expect was the smell. 
 All of that mixed together was just gross. 
 We kept smelling it on our hands. 
 Overall, it was a total, gross success! I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg for their "challenges."

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