Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dylan's Up All Night Birthday

I knew all along that Dylan's first birthday would be his first and last one he would have on his own. 
 From now on Dylan and Ty will share a birthday party. 
 Ty's is scheduled for next month with Ryland and I wanted Dylan to have one party just for him. I knew pretty early on that I wanted it to be themed around his lack of sleep. It is by far his most notable characteristic. The problem was, I just could not get inspired. 
 I was tired. 
 I didn't really want a big party. 
 I didn't really want a camping, or owl theme, or woodland animals but there was really nothing out there for an Up All Night theme. 
 It seemed like a big task to create a totally new idea and host a bunch of people. 

 Ben and I toyed with the idea of not even having a party at all. But, in the end, we decided that it just wasn't fair to Dylan when we did it for Kinley and Ty (like he would even know!) 
 Ben laughed at me and said "What do you mean you aren't really wanting a party!? You have a whole pinterest board dedicated to it!" 

It was definitely out of character for me. After finally biting the bullet, we decided on a very small Friday evening party for Dylan. 

 I ended up loving this coyote howling at the moon silhouette and used it.... a lot...the front door, over the fire place, on the chalkboard and even on the cake! 

 I ended up cutting it out on a sugar sheet on my silhouette and putting it on the cake Mendy made. 
 We also topped the big cake and smash cake with moon and stars and a 1 in glitter paper.
IMG_2839 IMG_2841
The chalkboard made for a cute family pic. I know, it's hard to believe that I did my own chalkboard and didn't force Mendy into it, but, I swear I did.
Birthday Boy!
IMG_8318 IMG_8327
A few more decorations....
IMG_8435 IMG_2818 IMG_8251 IMG_8260

My absolute favorite decoration for a one year old party is the month by month growth comparison.
 I love looking back on how they change over the year.
 Since this is, most likely, my last one year old party, I busted out Kinley and Ty's banners too so we could reminisce and compare who Dylan looked most like over his first year. 
Answer: Kinley...hands down.
IMG_2801 IMG_8269
 I also loved all these up all night quotes.
I could totally relate to many of these over Dylan's first year.
IMG_8255 IMG_8264 IMG_8268

For food, we had midnight snacks and I had each person in our family's favorite snack out.  We are so healthy...
IMG_8283 IMG_8277 IMG_8279 IMG_8290
The Whataburger taquitos bring back many a college memory.
IMG_8278 IMG_8282
At least one of us is healthy.
I've never actually had a Moon Pie, but they went with the theme so we had them.  
And this quote SO speaks to me too.
IMG_8257 IMG_8295
Ty and McKenna are destined for true love so we try to get as many pictures of them together as possible.
The oldest and youngest, Avery & Dylan, of the 9 kids between Kris, Al and I.
IMG_8308 IMG_8409 IMG_8343 IMG_8342
IMG_8340 IMG_8300 IMG_8349
Kinley was very nervous again when we sang happy birthday but we did it anyway.
IMG_8367 IMG_8371 IMG_8373
 Once it was dark outside, we enjoyed some time on the back deck under the lights. We had some glowsticks, flashlights, binoculars and a star-gazing constellation map for the kids to use at the party or for whenever they are up all night at home.
 I love a party-goer who just embraces the theme and activities in full force.
 Thanks Mav.
There were lots of pjs and late night milk and cookies too.
IMG_2853 IMG_2844 IMG_8352
My kids have the best aunts and uncles.
IMG_8357 IMG_8328
That's a french fry in Dylan's mouth, his favorite food.
Grandparents and cousins, too.
We couldn't let the night end without a dance party.
We did bust out some watch me whip. I mean, they teach this in PE these days.
IMG_8424 IMG_8428 IMG_8431
And just like that, this kid is ONE.
 I can't believe it.

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