Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was pretty low key....we had a couple of valentine's parties.

I had lots of help prepping Ty's classroom for this party because it was the same morning as Dylan's ear tube surgery. I sent all the decor and food prep ahead with Leslie in case I couldn't make it at all but, I was able to make it to the party so Ty didn't have to be without a parent.
 My sweet valentine!
Untitled Untitled
I had some different valentines planned for Ty's class and realized last minute that my treat wasn't on the "approved safe snack list" so I looked around our house for what I had 12 of and made the last minute switch to oranges.
The next day was Kinley's party. She had to cover a shoebox for her friends to put her valentines in. We looked on pinterest together and she picked out this mailbox one that we worked on together. Untitled Untitled
How cute is her arrow heart shirt from aunt Minnie. I love it! Untitled
photo booth fun at her party
her friend Addison on her soccer team
I just can't help but post this pic of Kinley and her friend, Astin. It is her first real "crush" I think. All that Valentine's love in the air I guess.
Her besties Claire and Erika with their boxes
Valentine's morning we had a themey breakfast with my favorite valentines Untitled Untitled
That night Ben and I had a great date night at the Green Oaks School Auction.  This is our third year to go with the Tyler's and Lindsey's and it is always so fun to help support Mallory's school.  The group that went this year was awesome and we had such a great time.  It ended up being a fantastic Valentine's Date night!

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