Saturday, February 7, 2015

Daddy- Daughter Dance & Mommy-Son Rodeo

It is not even an exaggeration when I say Kinley's favorite day of the year is Daddy-Daugher dance. She asks about it year around and we count down for months.
 She loves getting a new dress and flowers from her daddy and being getting a dinner date and a dance with her friends.
 She feels truly like a princess and loves that one-on-one time with Ben.
  They were precious and I just love this tradition for them.
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Those pics are so cute...but, this is real life...Ty was right next to them only in backwards underwear.
Since Kinley and Ben had their date night, I took Ty and Dylan on a date myself with a couple other friends and their boys. Cheryl got is amazing tickets through her hospital to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. The tickets were in the middle of the week during the day.
 It wasn't crowded and it was a great day and all the boys LOVED it.
We ate lunch at the coliseum and walked through all the livestock barns. Ty promptly stepped in a full pile of poop right after I told him to watch where he stepped and then proceeded to walk through hay that was from then on attached to him throughout the day.
Why not!?
 We decided since we didn't have to pay for tickets to the rodeo or parking we would splurge on the baby goat pics.
  Its a total rip off.
 $10 to take your own iphone pic...but, these boys LOVED it and the pics are pretty cute.
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From baby goats to big tractors...
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Dylan was fantastic walking around all wrapped up and was happy during the rodeo. The sweet old ladies in the box next to us couldn't get enough of those blue eyes.
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Our rodeo seats were fantastic, front row and right by the bulls. We definitely had mud flung on us from the wagon races and a bull ran right into our fence.
 We were full on in the action and it was fantastic.
 The boys were in heaven.
  Ty said his favorite part was when the bull hit the dummy in the air and his head flew off.
 Such a boy.
 I think the corn dogs, cotton candy and funnel cakes helped too.
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I already can't wait for next year's Daddy-Daughter Dance and Mommy-Son night!

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