Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Ice Storm

This has been the craziest winter week I can ever remember. I probably snows on average twice a winter in the metroplex...and "snow" is a pretty liberal term.
If it sticks around for a full day it is so fun.
Schools shut down, businesses close. We are just not prepared around here to drive on snow or ice. But, this ice storm has been so bizarre.
 Just ice on top of ice for days.
Temps below freezing for about a week and the ice will just not melt.
We woke up Thursday morning to ice all over the ground outside.
IMG_8339 IMG_8340 IMG_8341 IMG_8342 IMG_4542
There was no making snowmen or having snowball fights...just look at the ice...attempt an "ice angel" and don't fall while walking.
My angel girl
Someone get this kid a boyish hat and not just a leftover pink one from Kinley!
We spent a few quick minutes outside with the Bartels. It was about all we could stand.
It was crazy walking over a sheet of ice. There was running water under a solid sheet of ice. We did our best to "sled" down Leslie's driveway with a tiny laundry basket....with very little movement.
IMG_8351 IMG_4539 IMG_4540 IMG_4545 IMG_4549
I got the confirmation on Friday that the Dallas Marathon was cancelled. I have been training for the 1/2 marathon for a couple months and was so, so disappointed it was cancelled. It was going to be my first race ever to run and I was going to run it with my friend Alison who just had a baby (amazing she is ready for that) and I really wanted that big race day feel.
I spent about 1/2 the day in a depression until Leslie sent me a text saying there was another one in one week on Saturday that we could still sign up for and that she would run it with me!
More on that later...but, oh how sweet my friends were to me that day.
Saturday we were supposed to have Kristen's shower for Baby Shea at my house. Allison drove in town Thursday to beat the storm. My kids loved having Ella and Kenna over to play multiple days in a row.
We busted out the cookie sheets and laundry baskets and pushed them around on the ice.
  It was a hit!
IMG_4552 IMG_4553 IMG_4555 IMG_4556 IMG_4558 IMG_4559 IMG_4561
These two are my favorite ever. They are so cute together.
Back inside to warm up!
show us a pose Kenna!
sweet girls
Al and I worked till the last minute on Friday decorating and making giveaways for the guests...but, after realizing how truly bad the ice was we had to cancel the whole thing.
  It was such a bummer.
 But, since all three of us being in close radius is hard to come by, Jeff did everything he could to get Kris and the kids over to see us. It took them hours to get there but, it was so worth it.
We spent what would have been a baby shower on the couch together eating a delicious cake that no one got to eat and watching these babes put on show after show.
  Maybe my favorite baby shower ever.
IMG_8389 IMG_8388 IMG_8386 IMG_8383 IMG_8385 Untitled
What's better during an ice storm than bringing the bounce house inside for a little jump time!
And why not get your toes done too...all matching red or pink with contrasting polka dots.
   Untitled Untitled
One night we ventured out of the house to go see FROZEN. It was a HUGE hit with our whole family.
 Kinley is obsessed already.
She asked questions the entire movie and was sucked in from the first scene. Even Ty sat through it and did so great in the theatre.
We immediately got in the car on the way home and downloaded the soundtrack and have listened to it on repeat ever since.
 It is just so good. Kinley got home and put on her best makeshift Elsa costume within 30 seconds.
Here she is freezing things with her hands...
IMG_8359 IMG_8361
It has been a crazy couple of days and we are definitely ready for school to start back...but, staying warm with these friends has been the best time!


Allison said...

BEST baby shower ever and snow days! Had so much fun!

kristen said...

Clearly the BEST baby shower EVER in the history of EVER. I Loved it so so much! I am just so thankful for y'all and your amazing talent and sweetness to flood me with so much on sat even though not everyone could be there. I just loved everything about it! loved that show and those kids and every decoration! loved it all! and HATE that about the run and can not wait to hear all about the one y'all did!