Tuesday, July 2, 2013


A little bit of what has been going on lately.
We are loving summer and getting into our own little routine. Going back to Camp Gladiator in the mornings helps me stay productive. 5 AM is super early but, one of the perks is that you see a sunrise like this on the way back home.
We have made multiple pit stops lately at our new fave sno cone stand. Its in a gas station...but, don't let that stop you. You get free popcorn with every sno cone purchase, you can put toppings like sprinkles and gummy worms on your sno cone, you get to eat inside and beat the heat, the couple that owns it is sweet as can be and to top it off, they have a Barbie flavor! It just doesn't get better for us!
IMG_5239 IMG_5241
Yep, Ty is in pj's at the gas station...we are so cool.
IMG_5243 IMG_5245
Kinley attended VBS at my parents church all week right after we got back from vacation. She was exhausted but loved every minute. She has already requested to go back next year. The biggest perk was that Aslynn was in her class. They had a great time together and it was a super fun week for Aslynn bc her baby sister, Ryder, was born on Monday! Thank goodness for Aslynn in her street clothes like Kinley because I could not force Kinley to wear the matching VBS shirt to save my life.
IMG_5251 IMG_5253
Parents got to attend the last chapel on Friday and we watched them sing songs they learned all week. To entice the kids to bring offering everyday one of the pastors would have something crazy done do him if they met an offering goal each day. One day was a pie in the face, one day was confetti eggs, etc. Well, the last day they turned him into a human chocolate sundae with Hershey's syrup and sprinkles and everything. Kinley just loved that. It may be time for a pie in her face soon.
IMG_5248 IMG_5259 IMG_5260
My sweet friend Mary Price was Kinley's teacher all week and she just loved her!
We had a girls dinner (plus my kids) in Southlake one night when the husbands out to celebrate Neil becoming a daddy soon. Kind of like a man shower. But, also just a fun excuse for a guys night before Neil is waiting on Ashley and Emory every minute of the day.
Kinley has been very into wearing her hair like this lately. She just requested one day to have a little braid in the front that went into a ponytail in the back. I love when I can make her fashion vision come true. You never know how it will look but, I am ok with this one.
IMG_5269 IMG_5271
Kinley and I had a girls shopping day with Honey this weekend and it was so much fun. Kinley was patient and so sweet and since we are trying to reward and celebrate good behavior lately, she got to ride a little ride on the way out.
Not to mention, she changed clothes about 5 times that day so she could successfully wear every new dress she got in one day. We topped off the day with a dance part with Honey at home.
  IMG_5295 IMG_5297
Now, we can't wait for the 4th! Lots of lake plans with friends and family.
We are so excited!

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