Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fourth of July

So, I am just now getting around to posting fourth of July pics...two weeks late.
Life.is.busy. But,we had a fantastic 4th! 
 We spent 3 nights in Granbury and one night at our lakehouse this year. It is usually tricky splitting up 4th of July time but, it is so important to me to do both each year as much as we can.
 Fourth of July is the only time during the year where we get multiple days and nights in a row with our best friends. It is extremely important to Kris, Al and I to make time to spend together and to raise our children together like we were and 4th of July at the Halbert's lakehouse is just a huge blessing for us each year. And this year Julie and Kaitlyn and Lily got to come too and it was just so much fun.  They will need to come every year now!  
About a week before the 4th I got the idea that I wanted to make some cute headbands to take to the lake for everyone. I am semi-addicted to my bondi bands and violet love headbands for working out and I looked for tutorials everywhere but all I could find were for sweaty band look alikes which are great, but not really my style.
So just winged it.
These are super ghetto and may not even really be functional for a workout but, I love them.
All I did was cut up a pair of jersey white footless tights that I bought at walmart and tie dye them.
So easy.
I also bought a pair of regular lycra footless tights that were a smaller size for the kids but, the dye did not take as well in those so, I say stick with cotton.
I bought a size large in the cotton capri leggings to fit around an adult head. There is no rhyme or reason to how I cut. I did not measure or even try to cut straight. With the jersey it really doesn't matter. If I had to guess, I would say about 3-4 inches wide. And I got about 12-14 headbands out of one pair of tights. I rubber-banded them a few times and set them upright in red dye for an hour and then flipped them and set them in blue dye for another hour and then washed and dried them. We had lots of choices of red, white and blue banding for the 4th this year.
Kinley opted for a bracelet and a headband.
IMG_5316 IMG_5317 IMG_5320
Ben and I just stuck with a headband.
IMG_5313 IMG_5312
Since we love matching and a theme...it was not 5 minutes into night one at the lake where Kris and I looked like this.
IMG_5334 4th of July
And we literally laughed out loud when we found Sassy and Avery asleep like this. Turns out headbands make for a good eye mask at night.
IMG_5337 IMG_5336
I think the Camp David tees this year were my favorite ever. How cute is the Coca-Cola writing and the 15 stars for the 15th annual celebration.
They were just the best.
I am not joking when I say that at the Granbury square several people asked where our shirts were from and asked to take pics of them and then would sneak and take more pics later of different angles of the shirt.
They were a hit. IMG_5395 IMG_5396 IMG_5381 This cutie in his glasses...
Oh and Ty and Kenna... I could go on and on. They are so cute together...look at her helping me push him and high fiving through the stroller...too much.
Everyone show your dipping dots! IMG_5392 IMG_5391
But, I mean, when you see cuties like this..how could you not ask for a pic!?
IMG_5384 IMG_5389
Group pic at the end with all their swag from the square.
The kids enjoyed endless amounts of time swimming in patriotic theme swimsuits.
IMG_5341 IMG_5348 IMG_5351 4th of July
I mean, how cute are they...just chilling IMG_5345
Getting set up for "rest" time in the bunk room...
Ben found some baby frogs and put them in some tupperware...
Allison brought her face paint again and it was a daily activity for all ages.
IMG_5402 IMG_5406 photo 3
There was a DJ jamming out for us on the 4th complete with a karaoke machine that was constantly surrounded by screaming singing kids. IMG_5397 photo 4
Not a true performance without costumes right!?
photo 2 IMG_5370
Sassy is a true natural performer...amazing...knows every lyric to ever song and has a smile like this...
Are you kidding....how cute!?
photo 1
I am so blessed to know and love these amazing moms AND have them as best friends.
  IMG_5353 IMG_5354 IMG_5399
Our swag purchase from the Granbury square were these awesome Mexican Mumu's...I know you are jealous.
We left Granbuty headed out to our lakehouse on the morning of the 6th and had a blast with the Harrison's, Mendy's parents, and Francesca.
We busted out some fireworks and sparklers.
Mendy had the idea for was Kinley to stick the sparkler through a solo cup so her hand would be protected....genious!!
This is how Kinley watched uncle Alex's fireworks...
How fun are Mendy and Alex to race around the yard with Kinely and Ty on floats!? They had SO much fun! IMG_5496 IMG_5499
We ended the weekend on the lake with these beauties. IMG_5459 Seriously...it was the best 4th of July ever! So, so much fun.


Allison said...

I just love this! It really is the best Holiday! I can't wait for next 4th!

kristen said...

It was just the best weekend ever. I wish we could do it again right now! I couldnt stop laughing all over again about the girls in the headbands. Hysterical! and those kids are so cute at the mic! and that one of ty and kenna melts me!