Friday, July 26, 2013

Cousins Weekend 2013

A couple weekends ago we had our annual cousins weekend trip to the lake.
I have to admit, I totally dropped the ball on planning this year. But, thankfully, every single cousin is just as passionate about cousins weekend and when I drop the ball someone else picks it up.
 In fact, while we were on vacation in Mexico email chains started and calendars were set up and they had it pretty much narrowed down to two exact weekends everyone could attend. So, all we really had to do was come home, check the lakehouse calendar and confirm which weekend.
It was awesome!

Scott led the charge to get everyone going this year and even made up a song about cousins weekend that is sung to the tune of "It only takes a spark..." It was fantastic. Not to be outdone, there were multiple hilarious responses with pictures, countdown clocks, top ten lists, an acrostic challenge...Danny even made a website that was all about cousins's awesome. In the end, I think we were just shy of 50 emails that basically were just pumping everyone up for the weekend and getting people excited.

I am just so thankful my family LOVES to be together and makes a serious effort to spend time together. There is literally no where else we would rather be. So, in full support of Scott's song that initiated it all this year, I made some shirts.
And I busted out some new tie-dyed headbands for the occasion too.
IMG_5548 IMG_5509
The Olympic rings are an ode to Matt's performance last year (which was a highlight of the weekend last year).
Thankfully, the swag was a hit!
IMG_5569 IMG_5561 IMG_5560 photo 4-1 photo 2-1 photo 5
Our amazing parents watched the kids for us and we got an entire weekend kid-free. IMG_5552

Amy and Danny also got to go the entire weekend kid-free also which was a huge blessing as new parents to sweet Rilee and Taylor. I think the volunteering to keep all our kids overnight solidifies that the parents love that we all get together as much as we do. One night my mom and dad went over with the kids to visit Aunt Jan, Uncle Jimmy and baby Taylor. My mom said it was a little surreal hanging out with her sister and their grandbabies together. I think it doesn't feel too long ago that they were doing that with their own children. I am sure time just flies. Here are some pics of those kiddos hanging out together.
So cute!
Taylor and Kinley2 Taylor and Kinley ty and taylor
These sweet babies were the only ones around during the weekend and they had a great time!
photo 3-1

We also celebrated Matt and Amy's birthdays that weekend! It is awesome when we can lump together cousins weekend with a birthday celebration too!
IMG_5613 IMG_5616
We spent almost all day Saturday on the lake. We just talked, ate lunch, rode jet skis, played games and enjoyed being outside all day. We didn't have to go home to put a baby down for a nap or cook dinner by a certain time or anything. It was so fun!
CW boys IMG_5611 IMG_5606 IMG_5591 IMG_5579 IMG_5578 IMG_5575 IMG_5574 photo 1-1
We spend most nights playing games, singing Garth Brooks at the top of our lungs and having dance parties.
These two are too much!
IMG_0085 IMG_0082 IMG_0086
Of course, since everyone is an Aggie (except Ben) we had to do the War Hymn at some point. IMG_0067
I am just thankful and blessed beyond words for these wonderful people.  They are loving and supportive and challenging and full of integrity.  They are leaders and examples and I am so proud to know them.  I love it that we have so many memories that we recount every year and laugh until we can't anymore.  I love it when I hear my brothers say this is their favorite weekend of the year. 
I can't wait until cousins weekend next year and many more memories to come!

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Jan said...

You're all so very special to me. Yes, I LOVE it that ya'll LOVE being with each other. Keep up this tradition! I'll always keep my grandkids for this weekend!!!