Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weekend Recap - Mendy's Birthday and Great Wolf Lodge

We had a busy and totally fun weekend.
 Ben and I got to go to the lake for our first night away without kids this weekend! We got to celebrate my SIL, Mendy's, birthday with all her amazing, sweet friends...that I totally love and also claim as my own friends. It was just so much fun to be there! They are all so beautiful and smart and engaging and just a blast to be around! Since they are all like 5 years younger than me and don't have kids...we definitely decided to leave kids at home! We left Kinley in Ty in the wonderful hands of Pops and Gram and were off for the lake!
  me & ben 
We definitely enjoyed our day off with lots of fun in the sun. lake girls at the lake me&ashley 
Mendy was a fantastic boat driver. mendy boat driving 
Did I mention I love my SIL?? Happy Birthday Sister! me & mendy 

 Meanwhile....Kinley got to go with Pops to see Madagascar 3. What a fun date! kinley & pops 
Does she look cool or what?! kinley 3d glasses 
Have you seen a cuter kid in a bathtub?...I think not! ty bath 
There was also some reading time. gram reading 
I just missed them tons and was so thankful for the picture text updates! 

 THEN, as soon as Ben and I got home on Sunday, Kinley and I jetted out to Great Wolf Lodge for another mommy-daughter day! fun. me & kinley gwl 
We were invited by our sweet church friends Geri & Addie during their mommy-daughter weekend. They had a couple extra wristbands and we were the lucky ones to get to go with them! me & kinley swimming Kinley and Addie had so much fun swimming...and hugging. kinley & addie swimming kinley & addie kinley & addie hugs2 
We took some breaks for drinks and snacks. kinley drinking juice 
This is Kinley only eating the big pieces of sea salt off of her pretzel. (Takes after her Aunt Mendy) kinley eating a pretzel 
After more swimming, we got dried off and had some dinner where the girls got their wolf ears and Kinley could not help but howl!
Kinley playing at GWL wolf ears kinley & addie wolf ears
I just love busy summer weekends like these!  It was so much fun!  
What were ya'll up to this weekend!?


Jan said...

Good for you and Ben having a night without kids! I know they had fun with Gram and Pop. What a special date Kinley had with only Pop! and a special time for Ty with Gram! LOVE the sunglasses picture of you and Kinley. Priceless! Love all of you.

Gram said...

It was so special for us to spend so much time with Kinley and Ty.
When can we do it again?? We are ready!!

Honey said...

Love the howling pics. That girl is so funny!