Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Water Day

Monday we decided to try to beat the heat and have a summer water day. We busted out the slip & slide and a baby pool, water hose, and all kinds of water toys down at Leslie's. We ended up pretty much making a mud puddle in her backyard but, it was a blast.

Kinley, Maverick and Annabelle Grace had so much fun slipping and sliding. IMG_1914 IMG_1913 IMG_1941 IMG_1922 IMG_1923 Leslie and I took a go at the slip & slide....fortunately, pregnant Lindsey decided against it. Here is Leslie, 8 weeks postpartum like a total champ. No pics of me since I was the picture-taker. IMG_1930
We decided it needed a little more we put baby shampoo and vegetable oil on it to slide a little faster. It was way fun and we were soaked head to toe by the time it was over. IMG_1945 IMG_1970 Ty loved sitting in the pool part at the end of the slip and slide to splash away and have everyone come to him. IMG_1969 IMG_1937 IMG_1934 IMG_1932
The "swimming" in the baby pool was a hit too.
It is so funny because Kinley has been so scared of the pool so far this summer and going under water and getting her head under. But, apparently that fear only applies to actual swimming pools where she can't touch the ground because she was all about going under and being crazy in the baby pool. IMG_1948 IMG_1949 IMG_1926
Then they all decided it was a good idea to jump off the slide in the baby pool into 2 feet of water. Of course, this happened after they had been sliding all over vegetable oil and were so slippery that we were a little scared they might all fall over and hit their heads. We offered a little assistance at first..but, two and three year olds tend to be a little bossy about wanting to do it "all by myself." IMG_1950 IMG_1972 IMG_1947
Ty cheered from the sidelines during this activity. So fun. IMG_1971 IMG_1959
After all the water activities we all jumped in the stroller and headed down to our house for lunch. Who says the double bob is just for 2 kids?!? IMG_1964
Isn't this just what summer is all about!? I can't wait for more days like these!


Allison said...

what a fun summer day with sweet friends! I love that Kinley wasn't scared in the baby pool. Maybe I should try that with Ella! Can't wait to see you guys soon!

kristen said...

that is so much fun!!! i love every idea of that. I am so copying this. just so much fun!

Jan said...

Kinley's BIG jumpt into the 4 inches of water just cracks me up. Looks like tons of fun for all. Love you.