Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mommy / Daughter Night!

Last week Kinley and I had a mommy / daughter night!! Spending time with JUST Kinley is rare these days and I just treasure spending some one on one time with my girl! She is growing up so fast and has taken to being a big sister SO well. There are countless times I have to tell her to hold on or be patient or do something for herself because I am holding or attending to Ty. She does not hold one ounce of jealousy or bitterness and has handled it beautifully. me&kinley2 She was beyond thrilled to spend our time coupled with Jen and Eden. jen & eden I don't think I have mentioned it on the blog yet but, we learned about a month ago that Eden and her family, our dear friends the Fogles, are moving to Illinois at the end of the summer. We are so happy for them and the ministry opportunity they will have at their new church but, it truly is going to rock Kinley's little world. She is totally co-dependent on Eden and just loves the life out of her. I have tried explaining to her what moving means and how Eden won't be around everyday or at church or school anymore. She acts like she gets it but, I am not sure. She mentioned the other day when we were talking about it that she wanted to pick Eden up from the airport with a sign that says "We are glad you are home Eden." So sweet...but, I think she is equating it with a vacation. Anyway, we will cross that dreadful bridge when we get to it and until then, spend lots of time together for the summer.

The night of our mommy / daughter night it was pouring down raining so Kinley insisted on her rainboots. kinley in rainboots looking out the window
We started at Chili's for dinnner and let the girls order pretty much whatever they wanted. So, there was lots of chicken fingers, french fries, chips, strawberry slushy, and lemonade. They were a little wired while waiting for their tables and laughed and laughed and turned the waiting area into a dance floor. kinley & eden sitting3 kinley & eden sitting2 kinley & eden sitting kinley & eden dancing
After dinner we decided to go to the mall for an indoor activity. We shopped a little and rode the carousel in the middle of the mall and got punching balloons as a treat. carousel & punching balloons The night was so fun and totally exhausting. The girls both crashed on the way home and were pooped from too much fun. Did I mention that we let them pick out matching outfits to wear to Summer Camp at church the next day?? They couldn't resist. kinley & eden matching
I can't wait for another Mommy-Daughter Night!


Honey said...

So glad you have a daughter. Love the pic of Kinley and Eden in matching dresses...love how their arms are entwined. Sweet friends.

Jan said...

Every mom needs a daughter, and every daughter needs a mom like you! Love the mom/daughter night out. Keep it up!!! Love you.

Camila said...

Such a fun idea! I'll have to make a point to do one-on-one time with my boys!

kristen said...

i love this so much! love the whole night and it just breaks my heart that jen and eden will be GONE!! ahhh! hate that. you are such a fun mom to go on a date with them. just love girl night.