Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ty's Baby Dedication

Last weekend, actually the day before Kinley's party, we had Ty dedicated at church.

We did this with Kinley when she was almost a year old and at that time there was not a "baby dedication service." I guess that started in the past couple years. Now our church has them once a quarter where each child is presented to the church, prayed over and receives a gift. This quarter there were 25 babies dedicated after a Saturday night service. Our pastor even mentioned that there was a little extra buzz in the air with all the babies in the service to be dedicated.

Having so many babies and kids around the same age as Kinley & Ty is just one of the reasons Ben and I LOVE our church. We just know it is exactly where the Lord has called us to be during this season of life.

After the dedication, the church provided a photographer to take a family portrait. We haven't gotten ours from the church yet...but, we took plenty of our own family pictures after service with all our sweet family that came to support Ty.
Ben said he looks like a newsie getting ready to sell some papes.
Sweet sets of grandparents
Aunt Minnie and Uncle Matt Matt decided to take a picture together to represent the aunts & uncles.
The Grants that came
The Knowles' (plus Lois & Jack...not sure where there pic is!)
Ty-Man, we love you to pieces and were thrilled to dedicate you to the Lord. I pray his blessing and protection over you. I pray that we will be good examples that lead you toward Christ and will rejoice the day that you accept Him as your own Lord & Savior. We love you!

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Jan said...

God, bless Ty. Keep your arms around him and keep him safe. Show him your way. I will be loving on him forever! Aunt Jan