Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Kinley!

Sweet angel baby girl today you are THREE years old! We have celebrated like crazy this week
and today was no exception. We had a birthday waffle to continue the tradition from last year. I can't believe how big you have gotten in a year. It seems like 2 years old was yesterday. You sang Happy Birthday to yourself again like an angel!

You started off today posing for some three year old pictures with your little brother. I mean, be still my heart you precious babies!
You got to bring mini cupcakes for all your friends and teachers at school and have a little birthday celebration and be the line leader for the day.
photo (4)
Honey picked you up and took you to get some ice cream and then you got a new big-girl chair, some clothes, and some books as a present from her.
Ty had to have a turn. Look at that big boy sitting up!
Then you hopped in there with him. Love how big the chair is!
Dad and I decided it was time you join the rest of the crew on our street and get you some power wheels to jet around on.
photo (5)
Then we finished the day off at Chuck E Cheese with Honey & Boss, Pops & Gram, and Aunt Minnie and Uncle Alex. We ate some chicken, french fries and pizza and played games until we couldn't anymore!
You ate ice cream and blew out candles and opened got a new swimsuit and a cool new piggy bank and some coins from Minnie & Alex.
You were loving this birthday-girl crown, so Boss got you one.
Baby girl, you are the best thing that ever happened to us. You are such a joy and a light to everyone around you. You are sweet beyond measure and never want anyone to walk away with out a hug and a kiss. You are a dream come true for us and you and Ty are the biggest blessings we could ever ask for. I cannot believe you are three years old. I hope this one crawls by at a snails pace because it seems like I just blink and you are growing up to be such a big girl. I love you more than words can say.
So, I will just say what we say every night before bed...
I love you,
you are my favorite girl,
you are my best friend.
Happy Birthday Kinley Gay.


Honey said...

It was so fun celebrating Kinley's 3rd birthday! She was so sweet to everyone and is a joy to be around. The pics of her and Ty are precious and I need some copies of those! I love her so much!

kristen said...

oh kinley gay! how did you get so big beautiful girl!! love you so much and hope you had the best day!! those pics of her and ty are just incredible! i just loooooovvvve getting to see them all the time on here!

Jan said...

New screensaver pic!!!! People walk by my computer and say "what cute kids!" Proud to tell them how much they mean to me. Can't believe Kinley is 3! OMG. Before you know it, she'll be an Aggie!!!???!!! Love you!