Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ty - 7 Months

Bubba, you are 7 months old now! I can't believe it. I feel like you will be toddling around ready for your first birthday in no time. I have a feeling that spring and summer will fly by me so quickly but, I want to drink in every moment of your sweet baby-ness.
A few things about this past month:
Your natural state is happy. You really have to work hard to fuss. It's almost like when you are crying if you take a breather for just a second, your face naturally forms a smile. You just have the sweetest most laid back disposition and I hope it follows you through life.
You are a full on sitter now. You are super active and love to be in the sitting position chewing on a toy.
You had a rough go with the vegetables in the last month. We completely took them out of your diet for a while to get your tummy feeling better and slowly introduced them again (the store bought, processed version) to ease your tummy up to them. We are still just on carrots, squash, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes. No greens really yet...or fruit. But, you LOVE everything that I have ever spooned into your mouth. You are definitely a good eater and I praise God for that. It is such a blessing! You are about to be too big for this bumbo...but, kinley still fits in fine.
You are still totally enthralled with Kinley. She is your favorite person in the world. More than me or Dad or anyone. She can make you smile at any moment. I love to hear you guys laughing back and forth at each other. She is very gentle and sweet with you. It is cute to see you two peas in a pod. Sometimes it is even easier on Honey when she has you AND Kinley because she is constant entertainment for you and you are so used to the action. If she isn't around, you are looking for lots and lots of attention and entertainment.
You still put everything in your mouth. We even had a little choking scare at Chick-fil-A one day when you put a sticker from church that was stuck to your carseat in your mouth. But, a favorite is your fingers. You put one or two fingers in right beside your two bottom teeth and gum them to pieces.
You are starting to nap better in your crib. If I hold you off a little longer till you are real tired, your naps are for longer stretches. You fall asleep some in the car still but, not as often. These are some pics of you and Jack Fogle asleep in my back seat after a play date with Eden and Jack. Eden and Kinley went in Jen's car and I got the boys and both my passengers fell right asleep.
You can see Ty in the mirror
There is still no "stranger danger" with you yet. You will pretty much go to anyone as long as they talk to you. Although you prefer to be held by mom or dad, you don't put up much of a fight. Here is a cute pic of you with Pops in your K-State onesie.
You got dedicated at church this month and were the cutest newise I have ever seen.
Ty, you are such a light in our lives. We continue to thank God for you daily and pray over you with fervent prayer that God will capture your heart and sweet spirit and make you His. We pray for his wisdom and guidance in caring for you and creating healthy habits for you. We all are totally in love with you and are taking absolute joy in watching you grow before our eyes. I am loving our monthly photo shoots on the couch and you continue to cheese it up every time. Here are a few outtakes from this month.


Jan said...

All I can say is these pictures absolutely made my somewhat shakey start to this day 110% better!! He is absolutely a precious adorable child of God. So blessed to be his Aunt Jan. Screensaver!!!!!!!!I love you.

Jeffbarstad said...

oh my gosh those kids are SO CUTE!! the bumbo pic is SO cute and the pics of them copying each other while watching tv!! oh gosh. I can not believe ty is 7 MONTHS OLD!! how is this happening SO FAST???? Ty- you are an angel! we love you so much too!! happy 7 months!