Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ty - 6 months

Happy Half Birthday Ty!

I say it as each month goes by but, I cannot believe you are 6 months old. Half a year of your life already! I vividly remember this day when Kinley hit her half birthday. I felt like she was so old and that I had been a mom forever already. It's crazy because I feel like time literally has jumped forward from that day and I definitely feel like I know less about being a mom now than I did then. I wonder if that trend continues?

Ty-Ty you truly are a perfect gift from the Lord to our family. I cannot imagine our little family without you. You continue to be a pretty easy baby and I feel so blessed. A few things about this month:

  • Your sleeping has gotten a little less awesome. You are probably waking up once to twice a night still and you are a pretty restless sleeper. I swaddle you in the miracle blanket every night. You are way to long for it so, I really only wrap your arms and your feet are open. You kick those feet up and down all night long and as soon as your arms can wriggle a little you want to wake up! So, we re-wrap almost every night.
  • I also will not move you from our room yet. I know! I am crazy...but, I don't really want to walk all the way across the house twice a night yet. And, even though the weather has been amazing...every so often it still gets really cold at night and your room is the coldest in the house. But, I am feeling the move very soon, buddy.
  • You are VERY vocal. The sweet ladies in the church nursery tell me that you talk, talk, talk everytime I pick you up. You will still go to anybody and just talk their ear off. You are in the church nursery at least 2 times a week for church and bible study and have always done great. They have never had to page me to come get you. I guess you are just too busy talking! You try to tell us all what you want and if you are about to get upset.
  • You got your first 2 teeth this month! Your two little bottom ones. They are so adorable. I am pretty sure this is why your sleeping went downhill a bit. I am hoping it gets better now that they have popped through..until the next round of teeth. This has also led to you having your hand or a toy in your mouth pretty much non-stop.

  • You still completely adore your sister. She can get you to smile and laugh when no one else can. She is our best distraction for you and our biggest help when dad and I need a few more minutes before we can pick you up. She is actually making you smile for this picture.
  • You can pretty much sit up all on your own now. If you are playing with a toy and just chill you can do it but with a little too much emotion or squirming and you topple over. I would not say you have mastered it yet.
  • Your diet still just consists of nursing with a little formula mixed in now and then. But, we are excited to start feeding you some fruits and veggies in your sixth month. I hope you love them and continue to be a great eater!
  • Your smile brings joy upon joy to all our faces. You smile with every part of your face and it totally comes from inside you. Every worry, trouble, mundane frustration or ounce of exhaustion melts away in your smile. It is totally contagious and so sweet.
  • You had your first major accident this month. Just call me MOTY (mom-of-the-year). I shut your fingers in dad's truck door. So sad! I was holding you and trying to grab some bags out of the front seat while sister was sleeping in the back and while trying to shut the door so carefully and quietly, you just were just too sneaky and slid your hand right in there before it shut. It was quite traumatic and I was so sad to hear you cry like that because you really never do. We went straight to the doctor who told me that you are more than perfect and that my panic, though understandable, was completely unnecessary.

photo (1)


Ty-man, you are the most precious angel. I love you more each and every day. I continue to pray for you and Kinley that you will both come to know Jesus and seek after him from an early age. I pray for God's protection of you both and guidance in your lives. Dad and I are so honored, humbled and a bit overwhelmed to help guide you guys to Jesus. We are thankful for God's mercy and grace. We thank you for making every minute of it a complete joy.

We love you sweet boy.


BJ and Karen said...

Ty is beautiful! I just love his blue eyes... And he seems like the sweetest spirit! Can't believe he is already six months!

Mindy Rives said...

Happy 6 months Ty! I shut Lucy's fingers in the door when she was around 9 months old and it was just horrible...I felt like the worst mom ever!! Accidents happen...and luckily they are too young to remember! :)

Allison said...

I love that Ella and Ty share a half bday and real bday! That last picture is so so cute! They are the cutest brother and sister!

Jan said...

The last picture is now my screen saver! Thanks sweet niece! I know you took one landscape picture just for me so I have a reason to smile all day long. Precious children. I love you.

lindsay b said...

linds- he's so precious- makes me so excited to have a boy- love y'all!

Gram said...

I cannot believe he is six months old, what a beautiful little boy. You are correct, his smile lights up his face, and anyone around him. I love the way Kinley loves him and makes him laugh.

You and Ben are doing a great job, and I am proud our both of you.