Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweet Brother Gifts

Remember my sweet cousin Scott who wonderfully entertained Kinley? He exhibited some fantastic brother skills this week (on behalf of him and Bryan) for his sis Amy that is getting married TODAY! Yay! He decided he wanted to make her a one of a kind, very thoughtful, "congrats on getting married...but, don't forget you are still one of us" gift. Love it! He came over to my house on Tuesday night because he thought he "needed my help" putting his idea together. But, in no way did he. He came over with ...
Picnik collage
He knew he wanted a special keepsake for Amy with 2 pics of their siblings as babies and today with a special quote. So, one quick trip to Hobby Lobby, a custom double mat, new frame, pattern scrapbook paper and a quote print out from the Mac later...and in no is what we got!
The quote says "A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost" and it has her maiden name initial 'G' for Grant and her wedding date. Scott picked out everything and designed it all with Amy in mind.
And this is how excited Amy was at the rehearsal dinner last night!
Loving it. More pics from the rehearsal and wedding later. But for now, we are so thankful for sweet brothers who, in their minds, will always think you still have their last name. This was my wedding gift from my sweet brothers!
"Once a Howe, Always a Howe"

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kristen said...

that made me tear up! that was so sweet!! love it.