Friday, July 16, 2010

Howe family breakfast

This week has been busy, busy. We have been trying to recover from all the wedding events last weekend and also get ready for all the events this weekend! I will have lots of fun posts coming after we have Mendy's Bachelorette Party and Wedding shower! More t-shirts and party decorating...I just love it! When July is over, I will wonder where I will get my creative outlet!

But, one thing I totally want to post is pics from is our Howe family breakfast last weekend. Amidst all of the chaos, we managed to squeeze in a breakfast at Lois and Jack's on Friday morning (the day of Amy's wedding). It is so rare to have both Bart and Olivia and Sean and Camila in town that we just HAVE to get together! The table was so full we had to rotate in and out to get everyone to eat. Because we had 3 of 4 great-grandkids there, even babies had to share the high chair! So fun!
Picnik collage
Sweet Winlon was there and, I cute is this kid!
Kinley was mildly obsessed with him....we may have to break it to her one day that he is related. She kept trying to comb his hair with puzzle pieces. So crazy...maybe she is just obsessed with the hair..who knows. Finally, Camila got her Winlon's brush and she was very excited.
Picnik collage
She even wanted the blocks Winlon had...
He's like..."If I go over here, she can't get it"...but, she is aching to grab for it. Sharing is a tough process!
So cute and so much fun. We can't wait to all get together again! Next time, there will be 5 great-grandkids...yay Sean and Camila!


Honey said...

Those are some beautiful babies...toddlers!

Jan said...

Wow...those are some beautiful kiddos! We have to break the news to Bart and Amy that they were related too! Love you.

Camila said...

haha LOVE these pics. The hair brushing cracked me up. Kinley is so adorable and I'm trying to talk Sean into an iPhone just for the app with the little monster that repeats what you say. Hysterical.