Monday, May 17, 2010


Spotted.....Three girls in Texas uber-excited about the finale of a fabulous show on the CW tonight. What did they do? Make mathing t-shirts for the occasion of course! For all you GG watchers out there...hope your night is fun too!

You know you love me, XOXO.....Gossip Girl
5.13.10 002
5.13.10 001
5.13.10 004
5.13.10 005
5.13.10 007


Allison said...

I have never wanted to be a gossip girl fan more! Ya'll are so cute and so fun! The shirts look so great, I love the colors!

Nat said...

LOVE THIS! Saw Mendys shirt the other day and my little sis is VERY JEALOUS she didnt get one haha! Hope you enjoyed the finale!

kristen said...

those are amazing!! i mean, they look professional. im renting season one right now..

Mendy said...

okay seriously though...i wear my shirt everyday :)