Sunday, May 16, 2010

sickly aggie friday

This has been our weekend at the Harrison house.
Picnik collage
We went to CareNow Saturday morning after Kinley running a fever and found out she has strep throat and an ear infection. I have no idea how she got strep throat. But, I do think that we have been going and going so much that she got run down.

One of our adventures lately was a trip to College Station for my cousin Scott and his fiance Katie's graduation. We got there late Friday night and hung out in our hotel room with Matt. Kinley finally fell asleep late and she looked so cute we just took a ton of pics.
Picnik collage
I took this pic of Kinley 'passed out' with my phone and sent it out to our family and then took a similar picture of Uncle Matt...he was posing..but, it was a funny follow up.
5.16.10 044
Picnik collage
Being in College Station is always fun and brings back so many memories. It was a bummer that Kinley was sick. As a result, in our down time...we did a lot of this.
Singing the Fight Song and the Aggie War Hymn in a full Reed Arena was so fun! Kinley was running a fever by this point and so she slept through most of the graduation.
5.16.10 052
Picnik collage
5.16.10 050
We had a fun party after for Scott and Katie and celebrated the newest Former Students.
Picnik collage
I am so glad we went to College Station to celebrate Scott and Katie. Congrats Grads!

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kristen said...

that pic of you and kinley on your "phones" is the cutest pic ever!! i freakin love that!! and all the pics of her passed out. so cute!!! congrats scott and katie!! that is so awesome!!! whoop!!! we did miss you guys SO much this weekend and wish that little girl was here to run around nekked and squeal.. and aves has eaten an apple and we cant seem to get her to wake up....