Tuesday, October 27, 2009

we have a crawler...part 1

So, Kinley has been working on crawling for the past week or so and she is one determined little girl. It has been a rough week for her teething so much (4 teeth on top coming in at once) and her 6 month shots and not sleeping well....but, I am SO proud of her for working so hard to crawl! I am in the process of a fabulous video montage of her efforts put to song (wait for part 2 of this post tomorrow)...but, I just couldn't go to bed without showing her first crawl! Tonight it just clicked and this video is the first time she actually did it! She crawled like 8 feet from the middle of the room to our dog, Haley. I am so proud of her! Yay Kinley!!


Cary said...

Yea Kinley!!!! Such a big girl and so determined. What a cute video!

Allison said...

YAY Kinley!!!! You are so advanced!! Well compared to Ella at least! I am so excited she is crawling! Can't wait to see the next video too!

Honey said...

Another milestone...no stopping her now! Love that little tweety bird!!!