Monday, October 26, 2009

a Harrison weekend

This weekend was full of Harrison fun! We had a blast Friday night celebrating Gram's birthday...Saturday night Kinley hung out with Pops, Gram, Uncle Alex and Mendy while Ben went hunting with Jeff and Kristen and I went to Meredith Hughes' wedding (we had SO much fun seeing tons of CHHS and GHS alum....can't wait for a reunion!!!).....and Sunday we congratulated Alex and Mendy for completing the Monster Sprint Triathalon in Keller.
Kinley is excited for Gram's birthday!
Kinley had SO much fun with the dogs..Bana and Brinkley
She is looking at Alex like he is crazy....and somehow Bana got her nose in there.
She loved Uncle Alex's hat
The birthday girl!! Happy birthday Cheryl!
Mendy and Alex are great babysitters!
Finishing Swim and about to Bike
Alex is telling us in his face how his body feels.
Yay for the Triathaloners!!

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Allison said...

Way to go Mendy and Alex! I love the look Kinley is giving Alex, so funny!