Sunday, October 11, 2009


This weekend Allison and Ella came in town and it was SO much fun to hang out with them!
We went to Southlake Town Center to shop around and have lunch but, we were so excited and surprised when it was Oktoberfest!! There were lots of booths, food, blow-up houses and face painting! Well, we just cannot pass up a good face we HAD to participate.
We met our sweet friend Jen for lunch and it was SO much fun to see her and catch up!
1-4-3 JenRen!!
Only Southlake would purchase plants to disguise their port-a-potties....and take a look at this Oktoberfest character...he was in the band :-)
Trying to decide what to get on our faces and what the girls will sit still enough for...we decide on one little simple heart.
Allison goes first...and these girls don't do 'simple', the whole side of her face is painted....Ella is admiring it...and a little confused.
This girl jumps right in and wants to hold Ella while she paints her...Ella did GREAT!

Sprinkled glitter was a must!
Well, Kinley's is a little up by her eye...but, we made it through!
So much fun...Oktoberfest wore us out!
So cute Ella! You guys come back soon!!


jojo said...

There is nothing sweeter than mother daughter time and especially such fun time together. Before you know it you will find yourselves at the Dallas Marget Center shopping for prom dresses. I hope you girls remember that, it was so much fun for us moms. Love you JoJo

Honey said...

Love the pics! Precious babies and hot Moms!

Allison said...

This was so fun! I loved getting to hang out with you and kinley!