Saturday, February 10, 2018

Monster Jam 2018

Thanks to the Rowntrees, we went with group sales for Monster Jam this year and had awesome seats and tons of friends and family all around us. 
 Of course, we had pit passes and it was the best pit time EVER. 
We met up with some of Ty's best friends from school and his baseball team that had VIP pit passes and they invited us to come with them to actually sit in the SonUvaDigger truck and meet the driver, Ryan Anderson. 
 In the Monster Jam world, this is a big deal and Ty was beside himself. 
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  Other trucks we liked at this year's show.
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It was FREEZING outside but we had to take a pic with Grave Digger. 
Feb part 1 
Ty and Coop showing off their new souvenirs.

 Feb part 1 

 I like to think that we helped start Cannon's obsession with Monster trucks with this event. He has been attached ever since. 
It's the cutest.
 Feb part 1 Feb part 1 
This is what showtime looked like mostly.... 
Feb part 1 Feb part 1 
Even for me this is SUCH a fun event to go to. I can't wait till next year!

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