Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Grant Baby Girls!

We hosted pretty much back to back baby showers for Katie and Lauren, both pregnant with baby girls a month apart.
 It was so fun hosting both of them for each other at the other one's house. 
We had a blast celebrating and party-prepping earlier in the week for both events and they turned out great! 
 First was Katie's shower at Lauren's house for baby Ava Madison. 
November November November November 

And this isn't baby related but we celebrated Katie's 30th later that week with a surprise dinner at Uncle Julio's and we all had these baby pics of Katie on a stick as decor and they were my favorite. Reminded me of my 18th birthday where Kristen made everyone wear a shirt with my picture on it. So fun. 

We turned around a few weeks later and hosted Lauren's baby shower at Katies house! 
Dec 2017 - part 2 Dec 2017 - part 2 Dec 2017 - part 2 
 My sister in laws are the best!
 Dec 2017 - part 2 Dec 2017 - part 2 
My girl and her three aunts.
 So special!!!
 Dec 2017 - part 2 

When Ava was born, Katie had our amazing friend Kate scheduled to take pictures in the hospital. 
Unexpectedly, Ava needed to come a tad bit earlier and Kate ended up being out of town shooting a wedding on the day of Ava's birth. 
So, Katie asked me to come and take some pictures of Ava meeting Easton for the first time in the hospital. 
 I told her to lower her expectations by 1 million percent. 
 But, if she merely wanted documentation, it would be my absolute pleasure!!! 
 I took some with her camera but could not leave without snagging a couple on my phone. 
Beautiful momma and baby girl!
 Jan 2018 Jan 2018  

Just a couple weeks later, on Valentine's Day, sweet Ryan Claire was born and she is just as perfect! Knowing how much FUN it is to have Dylan and Anson just a couple weeks apart in age, it makes me so excited for these sweet girl cousins too :)
Love, love all the babies!

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