Monday, April 24, 2017

Compass Kids Worship

Kinley got to be part of a Compass Kids Worship music video in April!
Ali did an AMAZING job with the vision of this video.
This is a Compass original song, written by our worship team and re-mastered as a kids version.
Ali spent countless hours on this music video and put her heart and soul into it.
It is incredible.
The kids practiced for a several Sundays, practiced choreography, spent and afternoon laying down the vocal track, and another Sunday afternoon actually filming the video.
This may sound like work, and it WAS for everyone involved, but it was nothing but FUN for the kids.
Like a dream come true project.
Video day was like the ever!
The storyboard of this video included color powder, fire trucks, choreographed drumming, group shots, individual shots, scene changes, outfit changes, drone filming, dance choreography.
It was professional grade and a dream come true for the kids.
Here are a couple pics from the day.
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
The album cover which Kinley got to be a part of too.
Link to the video...definitely watch and share and look for Kinley in it!

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