Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hall's Pumpkin Farm Visits

We visited Hall's Pumpkin Farm several times as usual....
Loved getting to go with Cannon for his first visit!
IMG_0893 IMG_2220 IMG_2198 IMG_2121 IMG_2120

Ran into our sweet friends the Hissams. Ty was most excited about seeing his girl, Finley.
IMG_0881 IMG_2201 IMG_2153 IMG_2143 IMG_0886 IMG_2077 IMG_0890 IMG_2225

We all took turns helping Dylan out during the corn maze since it is hard and we were in there forever and didn't bring a stroller.
IMG_2240 IMG_0902 IMG_0938
We finally made it out!

Ty's 4's class field trip to Hall's with our preschool.
I LOVE these one on one field trip days with my kids.
Such special time together watching them in their environment.
IMG_1195 IMG_1242 IMG_1210 IMG_1197 IMG_1200 IMG_1207 IMG_1221
The most patient, amazing teachers ever: Ms. Kimberly & Ms. Diane. They deserve the WORLD!

We went again to do the corn maze and play around one night under the lights with the Barstads.
We've done this the last few years and it is SO fun.

My kids love it so much.

We also ran into the Grants while we were there too and had to get a cousin pic too!
The short month that Hall's is open seems to come and go so quickly!  We will watch the corn grow all year and will be so excited when it opens again next year.

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