Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ben's Walk to Emmaus Weekend

This is titled completely wrong because I really know nothing about Ben's Walk to Emmaus.
All I know is that it was a completely impactful, life-changing, spiritual retreat for him that he absolutely LOVED and was changed by.
He left for the weekend a little stressed, over-extended, and a little apprehensive but came back renewed, refreshed and revitalized.
He said his physical rest was little but it just goes to show how rested you can feel by just spending time with Jesus.

Ben attended the weekend in Glen Rose with Ross and was sponsored by Gene so Lindsey, Shelley, Mallory and I made a little overnight of it in Glen Rose too.
We had the BEST time just being together over the weekend.
We all stayed in a hotel and went to out to dinner.
The kids played a lot of snapchat
For a split second on Saturday night we attended a worship service that Ben also came to.
The four days he was gone was the longest we have ever, in 17 years, gone without talking or texting or something.
So, just seeing his face was so good for all of us.
Kinley was the most emotional about seeing him and not getting to really talk to him.
She missed him SO much.

Communion with these precious kids during the service.
They did not want to be left out.

The next day before heading home we stopped by the Dinosaur Valley State park and did some hiking, looking around and finding dinosaur footprints.
It was SO fun!
IMG_1381 IMG_1366 IMG_1376 IMG_1359 IMG_1384

I took the big kids over the river to see the dinosaur footprints while a very pregnant Lindsey stayed back with Dylan and Maddi.
IMG_1398 IMG_1393 IMG_1394 IMG_1395
We loved the whole weekend!

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