Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

We had a fun double celebration on Mother's Day. 
 We had lunch over at the Harrison's with Gary and Cheryl and Mendy and Alex and all of Mendy's family. 
 Mendy was going into the hospital that night to prep for Cannon's induction so she had the whole family in town! 
 We had a fabulous lunch and enjoyed some relaxing family time. 
 I am so thankful for the greatest mother in law ever in Cheryl. 

 It is just like her to host so many on her special day. 
 She is always a "more the merrier" type of person and loves being with family sharing a meal.
She works so, so hard at work but always makes sure that her time with us is focused and intentional. 
 She treasures every moment with her whole heart and never wastes a minute not telling us how thankful she is. 
 Her most famous line is "my cup runneth over" and she always wants us to know we are her greatest blessing.
And I couldn't be more thankful for her because she gave me my greatest gift in Ben.  I am so thankful!
  Mothers day Mothers day Mothers day 

Then for dinner we had my mom and family at our house. 
Olivia had to leave town for work that evening and we hated that she couldn't be there. She was the only thing missing! We had Palio's pizza for dinner and it turned out to be a beautiful evening and we spent most of it outside in our backyard under the lights on the deck. 

 Kinley, Ty, Dylan and Anson played basketball, baseball, with the water table, jumped in the bounce house. It was so fun! 

Ty has been very into "making cabins" (aka forts) everywhere in every room with every blanket, pillow, surface of our entire house. This night they made Kinley's desk in her room into a fort and everyone had to take a turn in it.
  Mothers day Mothers day 

It would be easy every day to celebrate my mom but mother's day just gives us a good excuse. 
 She is most joyful with her kids and grandkids and there is no place she would rather be. My mom is the most selfless person I know. She gives so, so much of her time to help me with the kids each week. Not just on her scheduled "work day" where I go into the office but everyday. 
 I know she picked Kinley up from school more than I did this year. 
 If Ben is ever out of town for work, she comes over and takes Kinley to school too. 
 She babysits at night every time Ben and I have have a Bass Hall date night. 
She calls me daily just see how she might be able to help. 
 She's done all this and over the past year shared so much of the responsibility of caring for her own parents. 
 Doctors appointments, errand running, laundry, meal cooking, or just sitting and being with them. 

She is serving someone every single day. 
 She might help me three days in a row and then go over and take care of Anson for a few days too. 

And she does all this not just because she is selfless and serving and helpful but also just because she LOVES our kids. 
 She is invested so much. 
 She loves them with all her heart and they LOVE her back. When anything special or exciting happens to help during the day, they want to call Honey about it. 
 They miss her if they haven't seen her in a day. When Dylan picks up anything that resembles a phone, he says "Hi Honey!" 
 And its not just my kids. 
 They call her because I call her......all the time. 
 She is my best friend and I could not be more thankful for her. 
 Mother's day is just one day amongst a thousand that I could celebrate my mom!
  Mothers day> Mothers day 

I always love so much what the kids make for me at school. Kinley made me a "bouquet" of flowers and wrote top 10 things about me. 
 Ty wrote a few "facts" about me and gave me the cutest tile picture of him from school.
  Mothers day
It is my most precious gift and highest calling to me called "mom" to these three. 
 I am beyond humbled and thankful for them. Mothers day Mothers day
Just like Cheryl "My Cup Runneth Over."

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