Sunday, May 22, 2016

Brownie Bridging Ceremony

Kinley finished a wonderful first year of Daisies and it was truly one of my favorite things she has been involved in this year.
The girls in daisies are the sweetest girls that I truly want to foster and encourage relationship with.

Our last meeting of the year was preparing for the Bridging ceremony.
The girls created the invitations for the ceremony and went over how it would go.
Untitled Untitled
I had the boys with me and they had fun playing with Connor and playing at the park.
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Kinley had a "Bridging Ceremony" a week later where the girls officially bridged from Daisies to Brownies.

Our troop leader moms are just amazing and give so much time and energy to making our troop have the best experiences.
They had cute decorations set up with pictures, balloons, and the most precious cakes that our troop leader Margaret baked herself.
Brownie Bridging Ceremony Brownie Bridging Ceremony

Margaret began the ceremony by calling on the girls from across the bridge who wants to be a brownie and they all answered "We do!" and walked over to the ceremony.
Untitled Brownie Bridging Ceremony

All the Daisies ready to become Brownies and reciting the Girl Scout Promise and Code of Honor.
Brownie Bridging Ceremony Untitled

One by One each girl approached the center of the ceremony and was spun in a circle by Sophia, Julia's sister and an older Girl Scout.
Brownie Bridging Ceremony Brownie Bridging Ceremony

Then Ms. Margaret gave them a certificate of completion of Daisies and Ms. Nalu took off their Daisy vest and replaced it with a new Brownie vest.
Brownie Bridging Ceremony
Some new Brownies!
Brownie Bridging Ceremony

A fun little celebration followed with pictures on the bridge of our new Brownie!
Brownie Bridging Ceremony

We can't wait for next year and are especially excited that Erika and Claire will be in our troop next year and their mom, Ms. Karyn, will be their troop co-leader!

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