Sunday, November 29, 2015

Letters to Aunts & Uncles

Kinley has had a couple of very cute letters come home from school in the last couple months specifically to her aunts and uncles. 
The first one was to Bart and Olivia. 
It was a story she wrote about what she was going to do that weekend and we were headed over to their house to babysit Anson with Honey. 
Here are the pics of the story: Kinley's school work Kinley's school work 
Translation: "Tonight me and my mom and my two brothers get to go to my baby cousins house. We get to see their dog. The dog is nice. It loves to do tricks. I teach him. My aunt and uncles name is Olivia and Bart. I love my aunt and uncles house." 

And even though we had the BEST time with Anson that night and loved just hanging at Bart and Olivia's house. We played with toys, took baths together, ate pizza and all three of my kids fell asleep on the couch with Honey and I (dream come true!) the only pic I got of the entire night does not represent well. 
We waited too long! 
It was bedtime and all my kids got in Anson's crib with him to cheese it up and he was like "Get out of my bed! I am tired!" Poor guy. 
He just needs a little more time around us to get used to the chaos :) 
Kinley's school work 

The second one was a letter to Alex and Mendy right before Thanksgiving. 
I think she meant to take it to them for our Thanksgiving week at the lake but, I never checked her folder the whole break until she went back to school (Mom of the year) 

 Here is a pic: 
 Kinley's school work Kinley's school work 
Translation: "Alex, Thank you for being silly. Minnie thank you for the baby cousin of mine."

Moral of the story: If you give her cousins or have a dog that does tricks, you will get a sweet letter or story written about you at school.

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Olivia Howe said...

Sweet Kinley! I love this so much.