Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fall Soccer 2015

We've spent our Saturdays this fall watching soccer games again.
 This season for both Ty and Kinley. 
Oh man, it is a nice way to spend a Saturday morning but, soccer is maybe just not the sport for either of our kids. 
I love how active it keeps them and we sure do love to cheer on our teams and, man they look so cute dressing the part!
Dylan 13 months Dylan 13 months Dylan 13 months IMG_3600 IMG_3604 IMG_3542 IMG_3534

About half way through the season it started to click for Ty! He started hustling and paying attention to where the ball was. He ended up scoring a few goals this season. Two of them were kickoffs that he literally kicked from the center of the field into the goal because no one touched them and another was a throw in from the sideline that rolled straight into the goal. 
 So, some of his goals were theoretical, but a few of them were actual drives down the field and into the goal . 
He was SO excited each time he scored.
 The First game he scored! Two goals!
  Dylan 13 months 
 Here's a pic after another game scoring 2 goals.
 That made 4 total at that time. 
Soccer Fall 2015 
The last weekend of soccer Ben got to sub for Ryan as assistant coach. It is not a job for for the faint of heart. Ty got to be Team Captain one game.
 So cute.
  Soccer Fall 2015
 Coach Cal is a saint...for real.
He sometimes literally picks up the boys and places them on the field where they need to stand, turns them and points them in the right direction.
Soccer Fall 2015
 Kinley and some of her school friends cheering on their little siblings at soccer. She might like this job even better than the actual soccer playing. 
Soccer Fall 2015
 Kinley's new job this season was goalie. She loved playing goalie. She really did block so many goals and did a great job. She even played a few night games under the lights this season which was so fun. Soccer Fall 2015 Soccer Fall 2015 Soccer Fall 2015

Coach B after the last game.
 He is so great with these girls. Making them tougher and work together as a team!
Soccer Fall 2015
We are still waiting for Kinley to kick in that first goal. She has had more close calls than I can count and I know its coming. When she does, we will all do the happy dance to celebrate. She is going to play indoor soccer this winter and I know her skills will improve and help her be ready for spring. Her soccer pictures were precious! 
IMG_5439 IMG_5438
We had both kids team trophy parties at CiCis pizza. They were excited to both get some trophies!

I don't have a picture from Kinley's party, I was chasing after Dylan most of the time. 
 But, here are a couple from Ty's.
Soccer Fall 2015
Ty with Coach Cal and Coach Ryan 
Soccer Fall 2015
  We are so, so thankful Ryland and Ty were on the same team. I don't think Stacee and I quit laughing the entire season. 
Can't wait for more Spring Soccer for both these big kids!

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