Sunday, March 1, 2015

Snow Days

It has been a crazy couple of weeks with the weather lately.
We have had lots of snow and ice.
 Lots is relative for us Texans...but, it was enough to close work and school and keep us off the roads and housebound for a few days.
 Something about the snow covering every roof and tree branch and car and the roads is just magical.
I loved getting some additional time to slow down and just be with the kids.
We watched movies and turned our house upside down with toys and games and crafts and of course, played in the snow!
It was perfect timing for us to have a snow day because we had just borrowed some ski clothes from the Barstads for our upcoming ski trip.
My kids were pumped to put it all on and go outside...goggles and all!
There were snow angels on the deck
image image image
And trying to catch snowflakes on your tongue
And this is how Dylan joined us.
He was warm and cozy in his wrap and zipped up in my jacket.
Thanks to Kinley for the pic.
image image
best group selfie I could get....I think we need a selfie stick
We also had a fun snow day with Olivia and Anson on Saturday while all our boys were at the Ranch. I could not get over these boys in their matching snow hats.
 Makes me so excited for our upcoming ski trip.
image image image
Swinging in the snow..
image image image image
I am glad we still have a few more snow days ahead on our family ski trip soon!

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Olivia Howe said...

Such a fun day! You know it is serious snow when you have to bust out the goggles!