Monday, March 2, 2015

Dylan Lee - 6 months

Happy 1/2 Birthday baby boy! image
It is truly amazing that you are already six months old.
Every month that goes by is just totally surreal and way too fast.
You have had a busy 6th month.
- You had your ear tube surgery which was very successful but not immediately successful. You still had some swelling and fluid in them even after your 2 week checkup but we have been putting some very strong antibiotic drops in them and they are bone dry now. Woohoo! Probably the first time in your 1/2 year of life. It is funny to hear you make new noises and LOUD noises now that you can fully hear yourself.
- Your sleeping got even worse for a period of time after the surgery...if you can believe it. I dictated on my phone one night every time you woke up and it was 7 times in from 8pm - 7am. And that was really a pretty normal night. Your dad and I thought we would be really tough on you for a few days and try to get you to cry it out a little and sleep in your crib all the time, but we failed. We just don't feel good about it until we know you are completely well and healed and healthy enough to sustain it.
- We started seeing a baby chiropractor for you, a sweet friend of mine who was also recommended by Dr. Scott. I am convinced this is going to do it for you. She is amazing. She has made a world of difference in just a few visits: less congestion, some sleep improvements, and overall just more peaceful. We are working hard to promote health in you and not just fix what's wrong. I am taking lots of supplements for you to get through breast feeding, we are essential-oiling up like crazy all the time and taking you in for pretty regular treatments and adjustments. She is so gentle with you and you LOVE her. You never even cry. I am trying to maintain some skepticism and reserve some judgment until I see more improvement but, so far I am loving it!  The best part is, since we have met your medical insurance deductible for the year with your surgery...all your chiro visits are FREE!
  - You are rolling over from back to front on the reg now. Sometimes I barely blink and you are flipped over.
- You still love your exersaucer. You prefer standing to sitting or laying on your play mat. I am convinced I need to bust out a walker for you already so you can get moving while you stand. You would love it.
image image
- You are still my smiley baby. You pretty much smile back at anyone who looks at you directly. Its so sweet.
- We are not quite ready to start baby food on you yet. We really want you well and healthy and getting all the benefits from breastmilk for a little while longer. We will probably start when I feel like you are starting to be hungrier than my milk can sustain you and when we start we will probably just go straight for avocados.
- You truly are just the happiest baby! I just love being with you every moment I can and so do Kinley and Ty. Even when they grab you and hold you and hug on you, you just take it and roll with it.
Here are a few more pics that Honey took of you and Kinley and Ty on your half birthday. image image image image
Happy 1/2 birthday Dylan Lee! 
You are an incredible blessing to us.  You make our family more fun and complete.  God has been so faithful to help provide us answers and help when we have needed it for you and we are reminded as these months go by so quickly that you are only little for a short season. 
I want time to slow down but also cannot wait to see the little person that you become.  You bring such joy to each day and I am beyond thankful for you!!

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