Thursday, December 4, 2014

Life is a Musical

We had our last two Artie's shows of the year in November.
We have loved our season tickets this year. Our family is sort of musical theatre crazies.
For the upcoming season we have three sets of season tickets: Artie's, Casa Manana, and Broadway at the Bass.
It is going to be so fun!
It is a very popular saying in our house that "Life is a Musical."
 We are constantly narrating our everyday activities and daily chores in song. And don't put it past (especially Kinley) to add dance moves to that too.
In November we saw Sleeping Beauty and Twas the Night Before Christmas.
And we can't leave without taking a group pic on the stage floor with whatever friends attended the show and some photo ops with the characters.
Sleeping Beauty - Go RyRy climbing the throne...
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Twas the Night before Christmas....and yes, I am now seeing that Kinley chose the exact same outfit to wear to both of these shows. 
It must be her "theatre attire."
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We also went on the last day of October to Casa Manana with Honey to see Here Comes Santa Claus.  It was a great show, even though I think the title was a bit misleading.  There was about 2 minutes of Santa during the whole hour and half show.  But, the cast and the music were great.  Kinley loved it and could follow the whole show. 
Ty was less interested and it was a little over his head. 
He knew it too. 
He actually turned to me during the production and said "This show is hard" which mainly mean, hard to sit still and be quiet that long.
 Honey & I decided that he might get to stay home with dad for the next show.
This pic is evidence of his distraction and need to use any form of d├ęcor as a prop to yell through.
Kinley posing with a few cast members after the show and getting autographs. Untitled Untitled
Our traditional pic in front of the marquee.
 Are her jazz hands indicative that she is ready for the stage???
Untitled Untitled
And they definitely get it from their momma because I have for years begged for Bass Hall season tickets and finally got them this year for my birthday! Our first show this November was the Broadway version of Elf.
 I loved it. Amazing sets, pretty good music, and I just love being at the theatre...but, this was not up Ben's alley.
He was not into this show at all.
The good news is, we got to sit right next to our friends the Bartels! Ben bought my tickets for my birthday in August and Eric bought Leslie's for her in late October and what are the chances, but we ended up with seats right next to each other, Orchestra Level, for the whole season! Crazy!
Thanks to the 10 year old boy next to us, we got this great blurry pic of all four of us.
What fun regular double date nights we will have!
We are currently in recruitment for other couples to join the musical theatre date night routine as well.
Who wants to jump on board??

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