Thursday, October 30, 2014

October photo dump

Here are a few other things we did in October...

We've all been supporting Aunt Minnie like crazy.  
She has a new design business and her latest endeavor is monogramming and we are constantly wearing her stuff.  
If you don't follow @mendykayedesigns on Instagram, stop right now and go do it.
IMG_4034 IMG_4039 

 Even though its hard to get up by 6:30 some mornings to wake up Kinley after being up nursing at night, I love it when we are the only ones awake and I get to have her all to myself and sit down to eat breakfast together and pick her brain.
 Kinley & Ty both got their school pictures back and I love how both of them turned out.
  IMG_4074 IMG_4423 
Because Dylan still is not a huge fan of the car seat, when we pick up Kinley from school we park and get everyone out and walk up to get her instead of waiting in the car pick up line. 
 Ty loves this because there is a huge rock outside the school that he asks to climb on everyday. 
 Dad went out of town one weekend with Pops, Gram, Minnie and Alex to visit Aunt Deb in Kansas. 
 Kinley and Ty spent the night at Honey's house one night. 
We watched church at home that weekend and Kinley was super excited to take communion with our homemade grape juice from grapes in our juicer. 
She even made this sign for Ben. 
 It says "I hope my dad comes back soon." 

Ryland turned 3 and had the most fun Spiderman birthday party with the coolest superhero training course. 
 These three spidey-boys melt my heart.
  IMG_4297 IMG_4263 IMG_4261 IMG_4264 
  IMG_4265 IMG_4299
Selfie with my boys 
 Throwing spiders on the web 
IMG_4298 IMG_4296 
Happy Birthday RyRy! 
 how many superheros can we be? 
IMG_4292 IMG_4295 
All the excitement was just too much for RyRy 

Honey went to eat lunch at school with Kinley and she took her by the library to see her Flounder storybook pumpkin 
IMG_4360 IMG_4364 IMG_4361

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