Sunday, October 19, 2014

Football and family

Even though the Aggies are not having the greatest season...I think we are calling it a "rebuilding" year....we are always dressed for Game Day. 
 Even Dylan has a maroon onesie.
  IMG_3995 IMG_3996 
How cute are these boys? I am hoping they will love to watch Aggie football together for many, many years. 
IMG_3990 IMG_4001 
We love to match... 

The last couple weeks we have picked up the pace a little and I have started making more outings with Dylan. It is still mild torture taking him places because it is like 70/30 that he will scream the entire time in the car. 
 We are not past it yet, sadly. 
 But, it is a little easier when Ben or my mom is in the car with me. 
 So, naturally, one of the first places I wanted to go was with mom to Dallas to go see Anson and Olivia. 
 We took Olivia lunch and I got to hold that perfect baby. 
 I swear he never cries still and he is just the sweetest sleeper.
He loves having his hands in front of his face. 
 Actually every sonogram Olivia had, Anson had his hands in front of his face and he still does it now. 
 So cute.
More Dylan and Anson picks
  IMG_4087 IMG_4093 
And one with O & I and the boys. 
 We both mutually agree that we would prefer to just take pics of the boys but I am sure one day we will want to see ourselves in a picture too occasionally. 
Another outing we took with Honey was to our first Casa Manana show of the season. Honey bought us season tickets this year and we are pumped. 
 The first show was Snow White and mom and I took all three kids. 
 Dylan was quiet and slept or ate the whole show.
Kinley was in heaven dressed as Snow White and loved the story.
Ty was interested for maybe 10 minutes and mom had quite the job of keeping him entertained the rest of the show. He was not disruptive or anything, just not super engaged. 
 Maybe Snow White wasn't his thing. 
 But, they were thrilled to get to spend some time with Honey, like usual. 
We usually end the show by taking a picture with the marquee outside. 
 It was especially sunny that day. 

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