Friday, April 18, 2014

Thomas the Train

One day at the end of March, Thomas the Train came to town to the Grapevine Vintage Railroad.
  Ty is totally in love with Thomas and all things "train" so, I took him on a Friday morning while Kinley was in school. 
I love my Fridays with just Ty. 
We only have a few more weeks of them before summer and the baby and I just want to drink them in. 
Alison made sure we bought tickets only to the very first train on opening day and boy, was she right.  We walked right up and on the train with our buddies and took our own pics with Thomas with no problem and once our train pulled back into the station there was a line hundreds of people long that I am sure never went away. 
I will never do it any other way. 

Ty was in heaven.
He spotted Thomas the minute we stepped out of our car.
IMG_0154 IMG_0189 IMG_0157 IMG_0244
Who wants to pose with the conductor?
(who was surprisingly awkward when we asked to take a picture with him. 
Um, excuse me sir, if you are going to dress up like a train conductor expect to pose for pictures and yell "All Aboard." Duh. 
It comes with the territory.)
Ty was so excited to go for a train ride
They even gave each child a window sticker to decorate the window they were sitting by IMG_0239
So fun to ride with friends! IMG_0224 IMG_0240
We got the ever-important certificate that we rode Thomas and had to pose with them.
Not only was just riding Thomas so fun...but, there was a plethora of activities to do afterward.  You could get Thomas the train tatooos, play with lots of train tables, meet Sir Topham Hatt and even watch a miniature train. 
The boys LOVED this. 
How cute are Druz and Ty and Hudson!?
IMG_0233 IMG_0238 IMG_0232
Cutest conductor I know!
As if that wasn't enough. 
There was another miniature tractor train to ride AND a petting zoo. 
Best day ever.
IMG_0230 IMG_0231
IMG_0229 IMG_0228 IMG_0226
We can't wait for Thomas to come back again!

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kristen said...

this is the funnest thing! i love seeing ty on that train! what a cute conductor ty ty!!