Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kinley & AG's Frozen Swim Party

I am just loving going back through all these party pics.
 Mendy usually takes a camera for all our parties and snaps pics the whole time so I can just enjoy the party (THANK YOU!) and it is so fun to back through and see it through her eyes.
  The whole thing was a dream to these birthday girls.
 It was a tad ridiculous, but we had multiple Frozen outfit changes for the girls.
 They had these matching Anna and Elsa shirts with their name and birthday age on them and tutu's and snowflake bubble necklaces.
 Then they had Anna and Elsa swimsuits to swim in and cover ups and flip flops to wear after the pool.
IMG_0279 IMG_0226
They always opt for a back to back pose on their own.
IMG_0229 IMG_0318
It was a mad dash to decorate the room in the 15 minute allotment that Leslie and I had before the party. We tried to warn the employees that it would be chaotic and that we would need every minute and that we would probably need extra help setting up.

Leslie, Eric and I got there about an hour and a half before party time and just unloaded all our cars and staked out some space outside the party room.
 Leslie and I plated food and Eric blew up party favor punch balloons with his air pump.
Mendy and Alex got there early too because Mendy made the cake for the party and we totally needed both of their help too.
 Eric and Alex set up ladders and hung those punch balloons for us and Mendy helped tape up banners, set out the food table and hang snowflakes and our backdrop.
 It was craziness for a little while but, it turned out great!
 I wish we had gotten more detailed pics of the table and set up and everything but literally people began arriving so quickly and it was just time to party! 058 IMG_0317 IMG_4997

For food we stuck to the Frozen theme...
we had Snowman Mix (marshmellows, chocolate chips and pretzels),
Olaf Noses (carrots),
Crackers with snowflake cut out cheese,
Snowflake shaped PB&J,
Snow (pirate booty),
Frozen Grapes,
Melted Snow (water bottles)
 and Snow Cones! IMG_0312 IMG_0313

And we absolutely had the most gorgeous cake you ever did see.
 Mendy is so talented.
 I constantly challenge her with new cakes each year, and she always steps up to the challenge and it looks amazing. I am in love with our ombre blue ruffle cake with Anna and Elsa and a Snowflake on top.
 It was almost too gorgeous to eat...but every slice was delicious and GONE.
  IMG_0232 IMG_0381 IMG_0382
The kids had cupcakes to eat too...just in case there wasn't enough sweets. IMG_0311

The whole party was so much fun and kids just swam the whole time and ate when they got hungry. It was such a blast! IMG_4996 IMG_0224 IMG_0235 IMG_0308 060
 My parents brought this super fun 5 foot blow-up birthday cake that they borrowed from some good friends and it was so, so perfect for the pool.
 The kids had a blast with it!
IMG_0245 IMG_0247 IMG_0265 IMG_0276 IMG_0285 IMG_0375 IMG_0288 IMG_0289 IMG_0332 IMG_0262 IMG_0264 IMG_0310 IMG_0316 IMG_0378 IMG_0266 IMG_0346 IMG_0393 IMG_0398

We had so, so many cute babies at the party who loved some time in the water! IMG_0295 IMG_0303 IMG_0329 IMG_0323 IMG_0342

Right at the end of the party we brought everyone in the party room to sing Happy Birthday to the girls and grab their party favors before heading out. IMG_0369 IMG_0389
This picture is so one of my favorites.  My mom snapped it with her phone and it is just so cute of Kinley, Mav & Parker.

The party favors were the snowflake punch balloons and these fabulous Frozen bottle cap necklaces that Leslie found on Etsy. The girl necklaces had Anna & Elsa and the boy ones had either Sven or Olaf.
  IMG_0314 IMG_0666 IMG_0397

I have to say, one of my favorite things from this party was the clothing and food drive we did for 6Stones
 It is a charitable organization through Leslie's church and instead of bringing a gift to the party, we asked guests to bring a canned food or clothing donation.  And, boy, did our guests step up to the plate! 
 We had car-loads of donations and some people just wrote straight checks to 6stones. It was so fun to take the girls to give it all away. 
 It made the whole celebration a little less about them and was just a neat experience. IMG_0552 IMG_0550 IMG_0551 IMG_0547
Thank you so, so much to all who came out to swim and celebrate Kinley and AG's birthday. And thank you to all who donated to 6stones.
 You all made the day so special and it was so much fun! 061

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kristen said...

I am reliving every minute with every pic and just dying! this party is a dream party! it was even more fun than the pics can ever say and the pics are like PROFESSIONAL PICTURES!! oh my gosh! every pic is amazing! and that cake! and the decor! and those shirts! ahh! loved it all so so much!