Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break

We had a pretty low-key spring break this year.  We mainly just stayed home and played around town and worked on the house.  It is very fun settling into the new house and we are trying to make the kids feel comfortable here as quickly as possible. 
We turned a little built-in porch into their playroom.  I was a little concerned at first that it would not be a big enough space for a playroom but, it turned out great. 
We ripped out the dirty old carpet that was in there, painted the concrete and put down an area rug and it looks much better. 
We still need to get the walls and ceilings painted but, for now, it is so nice having an organized place for the kids to play and I love that it leads directly to the backyard where they can go out and play.
Untitled Untitled
The weather was up and down during spring break but, on the nice days it was great to get out and play outside.  I love sitting on the back patio while the kids play.
Untitled Untitled
And the new circle front driveway is the perfect place to ride bikes and cars.

Tuesday of Spring Break, we had tickets to a sold out Artie's Peter Pan show.  Most of playgroup had tickets with us to the same show so it was a big event that week. 
Kinley wanted to dress like Wendy instead of Tinkerbell. 
And she knows that Wendy has curly hair in her ponytail so we busted out some hot rollers for the first time for Kinley's hair.  
Untitled Untitled
Her Wendy ponytail turned out so cute!
Wendy with Wendy.
Wendy and Tinkerbell (AG) with Tinkerbell
We played at the park that afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine.  

Wednesday we started out with a donut date! Untitled

Afterward went to story time at the library with the AG & SR  where all the books and crafts were about teeth and the dentist.
Untitled Untitled Untitled

We went that night to Central Market for dinner and to play outside some more but, at some point after that Kinley got sick.   She started vomiting and running a fever, she fell asleep just not feeling good.  Thursday she laid around all day and after the vomiting subsided, she was saying her throat hurt.  We got a quick apt with Dr Scott and Kinley tested positive for strep.  24 hours after antibiotics later, she was back to her old self. 
I have to admit, I hated her being sick, there is nothing worse than a sick kid.  But, I loved her sweet, cuddly self. 
She wasn't whiny or bored or unsatisfied. 
She was just content and being so tough. 
I praised and praised her for her good attitude because it has been so tough for us lately. 
I told her straight up, I really hope your sickness goes away soon, but, I love this sweet girl and I hope she stays. 
I would say, it has been better but, we are still in prayer over her heart and attitude that she would be the sweet, grateful, peaceful girl we know she is.  We know that the move and this transition has been hardest on her and we are praying through the best way to parent her, be patient with her and love her through it.

After a couple days of antibiotic we were ready to be back in the swing of things and had a Saturday full of birthday parties! 
Spring is birthday party season and we have multiple every single weekend it seems like but, it is just so much fun and endless entertainment. 
We started with a caravan road trip down to Temple with the Barstads for Ella's 6th bowling party birthday.  It was such a fun time for Kinley and I to road trip down and back and for her first time bowling, she had so much fun! 
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

We headed straight home from Temple in the rain to Maverick's 4th Jake and the Neverland Pirates party.  We had a quick costume change into Izzy when we stopped for gas one time.
Untitled Untitled
Lindsey did a great job setting up the treasure hunt that was supposed to be outside in her house and the kids LOVED every activity on the treasure map.
Walking the plank..
Fishing in crocodile creek
Untitled Untitled
The largest Jake balloon ever...
A pic from above of the kids about to do the Pinata.
Untitled Untitled
Happy Birthday Mav-man!Untitled Untitled
All that rain led to a gorgeous rainbow at the end of the party!
It was so fun for everyone to gather on the porch outside to see it.
Overall, it was a great Spring Break!


Allison said...

I LOVE the playroom! It looks so so good! Before and after pics are my fave! So glad that we got to see y'all over spring break, even if it was for just a little bit. Thank y'all so much for coming to Ella's party! Can't wait to see more house pics!

kristen said...
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kristen said...

I love everything about the house and patio and circle drive! we love us a circle drive for bike riding ;) and that sweet kinley gay is so pretty in her wendy and izzy outfits! she is just so beautiful-inside and out! love y'all.