Friday, March 7, 2014

February round up and moving's well into March already but, here's what we did to round out February...
We went to see The Little Mermaid at the Music Hall in Fair Park for Aslynn's 5th birthday.
 It was such a fun mommy and me afternoon celebrating sweet Aslynn.
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We also went to see Doc, Doc Goose at Arties with Mav and Parker.
IMG_9922 IMG_9924
Ty and I have been having some fun mommy-son days on Fridays while sister is in school. Untitled
Lunch date with this silly boy IMG_9914
And why does this start so early??? Boys!
We managed to squeeze that stuff in when the majority of our time at the end of February was spent packing up our house and moving.
 I feel like we have been living like this for a month.
IMG_9844 IMG_9845
Basically, for three years Ben has been looking at houses online and driving through neighborhoods and searching for a house that better fits our family. I have been dragging my feet forever because I was just way too attached to our house and neighbors and it was just so comfortable and peaceful.
 I brought my babies home to that house.
 We have the best friends on that street.
 There were 1001 reasons why I did NOT want to move.
 Ben has had me look at thousands of houses online and we've even gone and looked a few but, there was always some deal breaker that would make me emphatically say no.
  But, one day in late December Ben drove by a little house 2.0 miles away that was for sale by owner and he fell in love with it from the outside. We waited until after our Costa Rica trip before we went to see it.
 And we saw it three times.
 And took all our parents and Alex and Mendy to see it before we even decided to put in an offer.  Everyone was in agreement that it was a great next step for our family.
  We put in an offer with a contingency that our house had to sell first and asked for a 60 day close. This was the first test.
 There was pretty much no way the owners were going to accept an offer with a contingency and definitely not one with a 60 day close.
 But, they did.
 They accepted our contract on a Tuesday. Then we decided to put our house on the house that same week. We busted our tails getting it ready to show and listed it on that Friday night at 8:00pm.
 This was the second test.
 By Saturday night we had three offers above our asking price to buy our house.
 This is when it became very real to me and I realized we actually were going to move.
 Within the next week, we had both contracts signed and moved our closing date for the new house up 30 days.
 It was a little bit of a roller coaster throughout the inspection and waiting to close process for all parties but, in the end, we closed on time and had 5 days after close to move out of our old house into the new one. We prayed and prayed and prayed throughout the entire transition that God would open or close doors as He chose.  Kinley and I spent one whole afternoon going through every single room in the new house and praying over that room and what would go in that new room.
 It was so sweet.
There is literally no way we could have done this without family and friends. We didn't hire movers. Ben's entire bible study helped move one night. Ross came over multiple days to help Ben move at night after the kids were in bed. And the Friday night of moving week we had a big moving party with pizza and beer and lots of our favorite people.
 Mom and Dad brought champagne to toast the new house and we all went to work. \
 It was so thoughtful.
When I say "moving" I really just mean taking things out of the house and putting them in the garage, empty rooms, a storage shed and trailers. The 5 days we had to move were basically being used to get some work and painting done in the house before we lived there.
  Untitled Untitled Untitled IMG_9846

We spent that first weekend out of our old home living with my parents because the paint smell was so strong. It was such a blessing to be there and such a peaceful time for me before living in the new house.
 Everything was out of the old house and I couldn't do anything yet in the new house so we just relaxed for one day.
 The weather was amazing.
The kids played and played outside.
Untitled Untitled IMG_9865

It was so weird seeing our old house one last time with it all cleaned up and ready to hand over...completely empty.
 This is so boring to everyone else and the pictures on my phone are terrible, but, I really want to remember it.
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled And that day spent relaxing was perfect for me to rest and get ready to sing in Anna and Tyler's wedding that night.
 It was so fun!
Untitled IMG_9878 Untitled IMG_9873

Sunday was our first night in the new house.
We got beds set up and sheets on the bed and just slept there.
 It is amazing how once your family is there a new place feels like home immediately. We did our normal bedtime routine and the kids slept all night long the first night in their new rooms.

  We have been staying here for about a week and a half now. We are doing our best to chip away at what all needs to be done each day but progress is very slow. We have painters in here everyday so we are living around that. But, in a few weeks we will be able to get things in a more "liveable" and we can start to make some rooms feel complete.
 It is a fun but, slow adventure.
 I think the kids favorite thing is their new backyard. It is big and just a new place to explore. Kinley likes using our deck as a stage to put on shows and I can't wait to sit out there and watch them as the weather gets warmer.

Things are starting to take shape...we have a few rooms and ceilings done...I will definitely post more pictures as things start coming together.
 I love some good before and after shots.
But, overall, we are just trying to keep on living our normal routine and normal life and enjoy the process of making our new house a home. The absolute truth is, home is where my family is and I am loving our nights together here and just thinking of all the new memories we will create in this house. More to come....

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