Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Activities

This summer we changed it up a bit with our activities.
Both kids were enrolled in swim class and have grown leaps and bounds in their swimming and breath control. Since I have to get in the water with Ty, I had mom take some pictures for us one day.
Ty has gone through all the emotions throughout the summer during this class. He has gone from being so excited about it....to crying the whole class.....to loving some of the activities and hating others. I never know what I am about to walk into.  But, he can monkey walk on the side of the pool by himself, has definitely gained breath control and gotten overall more comfortable in the water and that is exciting.
IMG_5813 IMG_5815 IMG_5820 IMG_5819 IMG_5821 IMG_5823
Kinley's class starts 15 minutes after Ty's so she usually sits on the side of the pool or helps out Ty's teacher until her class starts. IMG_5817
Kinley is doing awesome and is basically totally swimming on her own. She can swim across the pool, jump in turn around and swim to the wall, take breaths and everything. What a blessing! IMG_5825 IMG_5827
This particular day was life boat training and learning what to do and how to float properly with a lifejacket if you fall out of a boat.
So we could all do swim, Kinley took a break from gymnastics this summer and decided to take dance lessons at the grapevine rec center with Aslynn and Tatum. These girls are too cute and have so much fun learning tap and ballet. We haven't decided on our fall activity for Kinley yet but, dance is definitely now a contender!
IMG_5802 IMG_5806 IMG_5805 IMG_5804 IMG_5808
 She definitely has the ballerina attitude down!  We have loved dance with these precious girls and will be so sad when summer ends.

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