Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I had another birthday last week. 
 For someone who loves any reason for a party and birthday parties in particular...they are just not as much fun anymore after 30! But, that attitude quickly melted away after I had an amazing week full of lots of love from friends and family. 
I feel so, so blessed. 

I got to go out for Sushi with playgroup moms one night.
  IMG_5899 IMG_5898 IMG_5900 Tuesday, Don & Margie from work took me to lunch at a restaurant off Main Street.
My kids handpainted a new bag for me one day with Honey. I love their little hand and footprints and that Kinley did all the writing and painting herself.
  kinley painting kinley painting2 
How jealous are you?? 
And we had a Howe family dinner (minus Bart & O...sad) in Dallas at Ocean Prime (Matt's recommendation) and it was amazing!
Friday night we had a couples date night with Lindsey & Ross in downtown Ft. Worth and we definitely over-ate at Texas de Brazil. 
And Sunday was a fun celebration at the Harrison's with swimming and the BEST ice cream birthday cake ever! 
Chicken fight anyone? chicken fight 
Ty will also mow your concrete if you want. 
ty mowing birthday cake birthday cake 1 

 So basically, I ate and ate and ate all week and I need to go on a detox cleanse now. But, it was soooo worth it! 
Thanks to all who helped made my birthday special! 
 I love you all!

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Allison said...

I love all the birthday celebrations!