Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
These precious angels are my favorite 2 valentines. IMG_2850
We really started the celebration of love all week with any kind of heart food we could...
biscuits waffles...
pizza toppings...
We didn't even begin making valentine's until the day before. I ended up making like 3 times more than I needed.
 I would get set on an idea and then get totally de-railed by something Kristen or Allison did and have to copy that.  That's what happens when you have overly creative friends. So, in the end, we just made them all. Kinley loved it. She helped decide what we would send to school and what we would give to our neighbors and play group friends. I think it all worked out.
My original idea was to do the old bear hugs with teddy grahams and gummi bears
(not too creative but easy and delicious)... IMG_2819 IMG_2820
And then we added some appropriate for these 3 & 4 year olds learning to write...
After a few dollar aisle runs we found some cute things that are more "boyish" for Ty to give so we took some of Kristen's printables and made a few of our own.
IMG_2821 IMG_2824 IMG_2826
And at this point I thought I was done until I saw Ella and Kenna's adorable sunglass valentines and after I happened to snap this pic of Kinley with my phone in her red and pink with her party nail...
red & pink
It was just too perfect and I just had to make some of these. IMG_2823
Actual valentine's day was a whirlwind for us. In the morning, I forced my kids to take an absurd amount of pictures in their valentine attire. IMG_2837 IMG_2838 IMG_2846 IMG_2851 IMG_2854 IMG_2855 IMG_2858
Kinley had a great Valentine's Party at school and it was fun to just be there me and her. They had cupcakes and ice cream and a craft to do. IMG_2866 IMG_2865 IMG_2864 IMG_2861 valentine party1 valentine party valentine party2 IMG_2872
After school we had a fun play date with our bestie neighbors. car car1 car2
The kids got some serious swag between gifts from my parents, alex & mendy, school, neighbors.  It was crazy!  And Ben and I ended the night with an unexpected date night! We had the opportunity go to see Memphis at the Bass Hall with Eric & Leslie's season tickets. I hated it for them because sweet SR was sick but, I am just so blessed by our generous friends and thankful that they thought of us. Memphis was a wonderful show and totally up my alley! It was just so fun and energetic with great music! It was a great way to end the night. 


Honey said...

Two sweethearts!! Love, love, love them.

kristen said...

i am obsessed with this whole day! I love every picture!!! what sweet valentines!