Monday, February 25, 2013

Valentine's Playgroup

It is official that February has totally gotten away from me.
I can't believe it is over in 3 days.
That this is only my 4th post all month long tells me a few things: 1) my accounting busy season is starting to kick in 2) we must not do a ton of blog-worthy stuff in Februrary and 3) I am using Instagram (@lifethrualinds)way more than my blog for posting pics.
Well, we kept up the trend of being behind on things with our playgroup this week too.
Can I just stop for a minute and give just one example of why I am so thankful for our playgroup? All the mommies are really so selfless and focused on others. Recently, my work schedule had to change and I am now working on Fridays, which is when we usually do playgroup.
 I wrote a marathon text to everyone about how sad I am that Ty and I wouldn't be able to go anymore and how thankful I was for our developing friendships and how it just made me sick that when Kinley was about to be able to join our Friday playgroups this summer when school is out, now I can't go...seriously it was the longest text ever.
And, really within a day of that text every single mom had either talked to me personally, texted, or called to say how they would totally be willing to switch playgroup to Mondays so we wouldn't have to miss. And that instead of waiting until summer or next fall that they would switch NOW so Kinley could start joining us sooner! 
I was just over the moon.  And so was Kinley.
It was such a sweet and thoughtful gesture. I did not even consider asking them to switch. They have been doing this together and meeting on Fridays for close to 4 years. We were definitely the latecomers to the group.
 I just felt so thankful and blessed.
Anyway, back on track...we finally had our playgroup Valentine's party today. I just took a few phone pics but, you can get the idea of really how chaotic it can be with 12 kids under 4. We destroy a perfectly clean house in no time. We all do our best to pick up before we leave but, it's just too much fun to play with other people's toys. 
IMG_3660 IMG_3668
Mav is always first to dress up. This kid loves a costume.
IMG_3663 IMG_3658
We even all sat in a circle and did a Valentine exchange. I think their favorite part was individually handing them out to their friends. They didn't even really look to see what they got they just couldn't wait to give theirs out.  So funny.
IMG_3666 IMG_3670
The day was supposed to be freezing and rainy and even possibly snowy but it turned out gorgeous and perfect weather for outside fun.
I mean.....I could eat him up!
I think that was our last valentine activity for this year.
 On to Easter and birthday planning in March!


Honey said...

What a sweet group of moms in your playgroup! Glad it worked out so Kinley could go, too.

Jeffbarstad said...

those faces! ahhhh!