Sunday, December 16, 2012

Local Christmas fun & a Christmas Preschool Program

Time has truly gotten away from me this month. I can't believe Christmas is just 9 days away. My intentions to blog and the busyness of life are just conflicting. I truly do want to live in this season with my kids and not just take their pictures for the blog. There have been numerous events lately that I just have not even had my camera around but, thank goodness for cell phone cameras!
We have been getting into the Christmas spirit a lot already and this time of year is such a joyful and spirited time.
But, I have to confess...I have such a heavy heart right now for the people affected by the horrible events in the Connecticut elementary school shooting. It is just so horrific and unspeakable. I keep putting myself in their shoes and am heartbroken time and time again. I just keep praying Be Near, O God. I still want to have hope and be joyful in celebrating the birth of Jesus but it is so hard with such a heavy heart. All I want to do is hold tight to my husband and babies and thank God everyday that we are all here together to live for him.
It is a blessing that we can so freely celebrate the birth of Jesus during this time and praise our God so openly.  To get into the spirit of the holidays we did a couple of local city events.
At the beginning of the month we went to Holley Colley. I had not heard of it until we went but, it was so much fun!! It was at Colleyville City Hall where they light the Christmas tree and Santa rides in on a fire truck at the end. We went to watch Aslynn sing "Rudolph" for her singing debut. She did fantastic and is a natural in front of the crowd just like her mommy. Everything there was free and there was so much to do...crafts, games, bounce houses, face painting, cookie decorating, pony rides, a petting zoo and tons of friends. Holley colley Ty
Then we continued getting into the Christmas spirit with the Grapevine Parade of Lights on Main Street. Our church had an amazing float that had fake snow and the kids loved seeing all the floats and lights and Christmas characters. It was a great night with our besties. Untitled Untitled Grapevine parade of lights Untitled Ty at the parade Untitled
Kinley has been singing Christmas songs all around the house and a few in particular that she learned in school for her Christmas Program. Untitled I don't know if you remember last year but, Kinley sang those songs around the house for months and when the time came for the program she ducked her head down the entire time and didn't sing a single word. So, I encouraged her this year to sing her heart out, sing loud, and do her motions big enough for me to see. And she did not disappoint. I was so proud! She sat front row of her little turtles class and when it was their turn she did great! IMG_2304 IMG_2312 IMG_2313 IMG_2315 IMG_2319 More family Christmas pics to come!


Nat said...

Oh I just love how she came out of her shell this year! What a precious little performer!

kristen said...

how precious is that big girl!! i love it kinley!! you are a natural!

Jan said...

Go Kinley! She is into those motions, huh! Wanted to make SURE you saw her this year. So super cute. Love her.

Honey said...

She did so good in her program! It was just precious. We are so blessed.